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4 Ways Cell Phone Signal Boosters Can Make Schools Safer

4 Ways Cell Phone Signal Boosters Can Make Schools Safer

Most parents and teachers may tell you that school is no place for cell phones. However, a steady cell phone signal is beneficial in an educational environment. Here are four ways cell phone signal boosters can make schools safer for students and faculty members.

In Case of Danger

Unexpected dangers may arise in a school. Extreme weather conditions or lockdowns may require students to lay low and remain in the school. A cell signal booster on the property allows students to contact their parents or legal guardians from anywhere at school and alert them of the situation.

Decrease Radiation

Many electronic devices emit harmless, non-ionizing radiation. However, some people are more susceptible to non-ionizing radiation and may experience eye strain or headaches. By strengthening nearby signals, cell phones put out less non-ionizing radiation to maintain a connection, which may provide comfort for students using their cell phones.

Enhances Education

Many schools have poor cell service, which may limit the options for teachers using educational tools. Cell phone signal boosters can make schools safer by giving quick access to learning materials or teaching plans if the Wi-Fi is down or unavailable. Teachers may use educational tools through cellular service to keep students engaged and ready to learn.

Faster Emergency Preparedness

Our country sometimes sends out nationwide emergency messages. Providing your school with an amplified signal through a booster ensures students and staff get this information immediately. There may be time-sensitive moments when acting quickly saves lives, so receiving emergency texts is vital for safety at school.

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