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How Mobile Signal Boosters Can Decrease Radiation

How Mobile Signal Boosters Can Decrease Radiation

Almost every electronic device we use emits a small amount of harmless radiation called non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). While these non-ionizing EMFs can’t cause the same damage as the ionizing ones caused by devices like X-ray machines, it makes sense that some people may want to limit their exposure to these waves. While it may sound like a counterintuitive approach, there are ways that mobile signal boosters can decrease radiation.

Exposure to Radiation

Cell phones, tablets, computers, Wi-Fi, and other connective devices are a natural part of our daily lives. You’re using one right now to read this article. While non-ionizing EMFs are mainly harmless and can’t cause long-term damage to our cells like other forms of radiation, some people are more susceptible to them and may suffer minor symptoms such as eye strain or headaches.

One surefire way to limit exposure to this radiation is by reducing device usage. For example, you can put your cell phone on airplane mode while you sleep if you sleep with your phone near your head.

What Do Signal Boosters Do?

Cell phone signal boosters serve the valuable function of latching onto signals from the cell tower and amplifying them so that your phone maintains a more stable connection. Since electronic devices emit varying levels of non-ionizing EMFs, some may think adding an extra device into the equation would result in more waves. Still, there are ways that a mobile signal booster can decrease radiation.

Benefits of Signal Boosters on Radiation

Electronic devices emit different levels of non-ionizing EMFs and may create more or less depending on whether they’re in use. Mobile signal boosters already have a much lower radiation level than most cellular phones. Additionally, if you’re in an area with a weaker signal, your phone will produce more radiation as it tries to maintain a connection.

So, while it may seem counterintuitive, signal boosters produce low amounts of radiation while also boosting your phone’s signal so that the phone doesn’t need to create as much, either. These devices strengthen your cell signal and lower non-ionizing EMFs in the area.

If you’re looking for cell phone boosters for your truck or other vehicles to reduce radiation on the road, SureCall Boosters has devices for any occasion. For more information on the benefits of signal-boosting technology, browse our blog or contact one of our specialists anytime via email at


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