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How to Improve Your Cell Phone Reception in a Building

How to Improve Your Cell Phone Reception in a Building

Losing your signal in the office is problematic, especially if it's a common occurrence; knowing how to improve your cell phone reception in a building is imperative to prevent this. While the issue could be your phone, it's just as likely it's your location as many variables and causes lead to a weak signal. However, you can prevent dropped calls by understanding the reasons for them then try applying various simple solutions.

Check Your Phone

Begin by checking your phone, as you may have a poor signal due to:

  • A software problem

  • Damage

  • Low battery

Keep It Up To Date

Ensure you have the latest software installed on your phone; updating your phone as soon as updates come out is important, as it often prevents or corrects software bugs and keeps your phone operating in top condition. If you hold back on updating your phone, it will struggle to communicate with the nearest tower, since it doesn't have the latest technology.

Moreover, the older your phone is, the harder finding a good signal becomes as carriers often phase out older models and their out-of-date software – if you want ideal reception, the latest model should provide this.

Look for Damage

A damaged or otherwise broken phone also puts a barrier between you and a great signal, so look your phone over. Keep in mind that your phone could have internal damage if you dropped it, and if this is the case, it may not send out a proper signal since the internal antenna could have suffered damage.

If you think your phone suffered damage, take it to your phone provider so a service tech can look it over for internal or external damage, in addition to running diagnostic tests.

Charge Your Battery

As your phone searches for a strong signal in a dead zone, it drains your battery; similarly, if you have a low battery, your phone has a harder time reaching the nearest cell tower. You can easily solve this by ensuring your phone remains charged, especially when you need it.

Other Solutions To Try

If your phone is in peak condition and has a reasonable charge but you're still dropping calls, there are a few other solutions to look into, as the cause of your problem could still stem from your cell phone.

At SureCall, we recommend users turn off services they're not using—this includes WiFi, Bluetooth, and Near-Field Communication (NFC). If this doesn't work, we also recommend:

  • Changing your network from 4G LTE to 3G

  • Turning airplane mode on and off

  • Resetting your network setting

Each of these solutions could solve the problem depending on the exact cause; for example, your phone may struggle to communicate with the nearest tower if there's a lot of traffic on the network, so shifting from 4G LTE to 3G could solve this.

Evaluate Your Location

Maybe the problem isn't your phone but your location; building materials, manmade obstructions, and natural barriers weaken cellular signals. If you discover the problem isn't your phone, evaluate your options by:

  • Changing your location

  • Improving the space

  • Locating the nearest tower

Move Around

One way on how to improve your cell phone reception in a building is to try moving around; this is especially important if your building is multiple floors and you're in the basement or at ground level. Try moving up at least one level if possible, as this should lessen obstructions between your cellular device and the tower.

Get Close To a Window

Another cause for this problem could be the material of your building—brick, metal, concrete, and other building materials block your signal.

If the glass doesn't have an energy-efficient coating on it, your signal should improve; however, if the windows do have this coating, try opening the window to test if your signal improves.

Leave Highly Populated Areas

If everyone in your area is on their phone, chances are network speeds are slow due to high traffic. You can solve this problem by moving to a location with fewer individuals, especially if they're on their phones.

Go Outside

If you can't open the window in your office, try going outside and making a call, as this will also determine whether or not building materials are to blame for a weak signal.

Improve the Space

You could also improve your cellular signal by enhancing your office space; consider rearranging heavy, solid furniture pieces such as filing cabinets and refrigerators in a way so they aren't acting as barriers to your signal.

Additionally, you can improve your office space by removing any unnecessary vegetation as trees and bushes act as natural obstructions; likewise, you could trim back branches and other foliage to try and boost your signal.

Get a Cell Phone Booster

If you're looking for a sure-fire way to improve your cellular signal, get a cell phone signal booster. SureCall sells cellular boosters for business, home, and vehicle use, so you can always have access to your phone with great calling quality!

How Does a Cell Phone Booster Work?

A cellular signal booster enhances your phone's signal by utilizing three parts:

  • An external antenna

  • An amplifier

  • An indoor antenna

The outdoor or external antenna works to first capture the already weak signal that the amplifier boosts. The inside antenna can rebroadcast it for your phone; this works because the rebroadcasted signal is stronger than the previous.

As you begin evaluating the reason for your weak signal, remember to evaluate your phone for any possible signs of damage or out-of-date software, as both often cause a weak signal. Similarly, a poor signal also stems from problems with your network, such as overcrowding.

If your phone isn't causing the issue, evaluate your location by moving heavy furniture around or getting outside. Many building materials block your signal from reaching the nearest tower; moving to higher ground could solve this.

The best option for solving this problem and boosting your signal is to install a cellular signal booster, as this amplifies the signal itself to ensure it can properly communicate with the nearest cell tower. Shop at SureCall as you begin searching for the best booster for your office.

How to Improve Your Cell Phone Reception in a Building


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