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Improve Your Signal Strength in Your Commercial Building

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Improve Your Signal Strength in Your Commercial Building

In today’s business world, having a reliable cellular signal is vital. On commercial properties or in office space, settling for a weak signal is unacceptable. Workers need to communicate with customers and across departments. Discover how to improve signal strength in your commercial building to break down potential communication barriers.

Factors Weakening Cellular Signal

Maybe you know you have a weak cellular signal, but you don’t know what’s causing it. This may require you to do some digging as you ask around to see who else has this issue, as the impaired signal is usually a result of:

  • Weather conditions: Heavy storms can temporarily impact movements.

  • Location: Both natural barriers and distance create a barrier between your phone and the tower.

  • Building materials: A common culprit for a weak signal in commercial spaces.

While the issue can be temporary due to weather or even a broken phone, it can also be more permanent. Doing some trial and error to note the cause of the issue makes fixing it much easier. Try walking around the building to see if signal strength changes.

Solutions like a cellular booster are helpful when location or building material is to blame for a weak signal. However, this won’t help if the problem is a broken phone. Ask around to see if other people in the office have the same problem to ensure you go about finding the best solution.

Tips To Improve Your Cell Phone Signal Strength

Try getting outside or opening a window to improve your cellular signal. Sometimes building materials like concrete, brick, and even glass can impair your phone’s ability to communicate with the network tower. By doing this, you also rule out building materials as the reason for your poor signal.

Reasons To Fix This Problem

Our phones keep us in touch with one another, and call quality isn’t your only concern; a weak signal also impairs data speeds. In other words, if employees need to use a cell phone to communication across departments, it may be near impossible.

A good cell phone signal is also important to clients visiting your business. By boosting your cellular signal, you increase data speeds which makes phone usage a breeze.


When asked about whether Wi-Fi hotspots are safer than cellular data, wireless experts always recommend using 4G for cyber security. This is because the information remains encrypted, so it’s harder for hackers to access information. In addition, with a cellular phone booster, you can ensure everyone in your commercial building keeps their digital data secure.

What Is a Cellular Booster?

Cell phone signal boosters help improve a weak signal and come with three main components:

  • Indoor/outdoor antenna

  • Amplifier

  • Cable

These pieces work together to boost the cellular signal by communicating with the nearest network tower to create a donor signal. Cell phones pick up the broadcasted donor signal, thus improving call quality and data speeds.

Indoor Antennas

The indoor antenna you buy depends on the space you’re planning to cover, but we most often recommend a dome or panel antenna. Dome antennas work best for small offices or when you only need to improve the signal on a single floor.

On the other hand, panel antennas are best when covering multi-floor buildings or a long, narrow space. Of course, if you’ve already worked out what’s causing your weak signal, deciding on an indoor antenna should be a breeze.


An amplifier communicates with both the indoor and outdoor antennas; it’s this piece that boosts your cellular signal. After the outdoor antenna captures a signal from the network tower, your amplifier will boost it so the indoor antenna can rebroadcast it.


While the amplifier and indoor and outdoor antennas are the main pieces discussed when looking into cellular boosters, buying the right cable is vital. For commercial and other large buildings, we recommend the SureCall SC400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable, since it pulls a stronger signal than other cables. This is partly because other cable options are best suited for smaller booters typically used in homes or small offices.

Outdoor Antenna

You’ll have to buy either a directional or an omnidirectional antenna. The main difference is that a directional antenna has a window of 50 to 70 degrees, while an omnidirectional antenna searches 180 degrees for the best signal.

While an omnidirectional antenna may sound ideal, this isn’t always the case, especially in a busy area. Since this type of outdoor antenna searches 180-degrees and pulls multiple signals, it can quickly become overwhelmed.

Pro Tip

It’s worth noting that the longer the cable is, the weaker a donor signal becomes. Of course, one that’s too short won’t be much help either. To find the perfect fit, reach out to a team member at SureCall Canada! We’ll help you find the appropriate booster kit and cable for your commercial space.

Tips To Buying a Cellular Phone Signal Booster

Finding the right cellular booster may take time, but it’s worth it, as you’ll find the perfect asset to your building. The kit and components you buy depend on building size, the number of users, and location. For example, a small commercial building located in a rural area will differ from the needs of a large building in an urban area.

Once you’ve found the perfect booster to fulfill your needs, make sure you install it in the ideal location. You can find the best spot for your outdoor antenna by walking around your property and seeing where your signal is the strongest.

Pro Tip

While installing the indoor antenna, it’s important to remember that it must be 20 feet vertical or 50 feet horizontal from the outdoor antenna. Neglecting this could lead to feedback or oscillation, both preventing your booster from working as it should.

Improve your building with a commercial cell phone booster to make a day in the office easier for all employees. Although it may take time to analyze all your options, doing this means making the right purchase. For help, contact SureCall Canada. Call us at (888) 389-5799 or email Our team of trained professionals will help you find the signal booster you need to make communication a breeze

Improve Your Signal Strength in Your Commercial Building


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