Practical Ways To Add Value to Your Apartment Building

Practical Ways To Add Value to Your Apartment Building

Adding value to your apartment intrigues potential renters and allows you to stand out among other properties. Start by keeping the outside clean; then, work to upgrade the inside. You can enhance various factors ranging from technology to appliances.

Boost Curb Appeal

Look around the property for areas you need to clean or update. For instance, how does the landscaping look? Potential tenants evaluate the outside of rental properties as they shop for a home. When shrubbery is overgrown or walkways have trash on them, many expect the inside of an apartment to look similar.

Patios and Balconies

A practical way to add value to your apartment building is by refurbishing your patios. Evaluate each complex’s balcony to see what needs repair. If apartments have decks or balconies made of wood, you may need to stain or replace them.

Additionally, check for any problems in the fencing. Are there loose panels or posts? If so, hire a company to fix this. Tenants want privacy.

Upgrade Technology

Technology always changes, but try to offer what’s most recent to keep all of your tenants feeling comfortable. Begin by adding security systems to each complex—renters will feel safer knowing they have a great security system. Also, make sure they always have great cellular signal, so they don't feel isolated from friends and family while living in your apartments.

Install Smart Locks

People want to know where their rent money goes, so ensure the complex has good security. If tenants don’t feel safe in your apartments or have to worry about neighbors stealing their deliveries, they’re more likely to move out. To prevent this, add Smart Locks to the complexes and consider installing cameras in the hallways.

Get a Cellular Signal Booster

Purchase a cellular signal booster to ensure your renters don’t have to worry about dropped calls. Often, apartments are made of concrete or brick, which are among the most common building materials to cause a weak signal. However, many factors can cause a weak signal, including:

  • Location

  • Weather

  • Digital traffic

  • Geographic features

Some of these factors may affect what kind of booster you purchase. For example, you’ll need to buy one capable of handling many users so that digital traffic isn’t a remaining concern after installing the booster.

What Is a Cellular Signal Booster?

A signal booster is a piece of technology made up of three parts that work together to enhance a phone's signal, so dropped calls become a thing of the past! The main three components include:

  • Exterior antenna: searches for a signal and captures reception

  • Amplifier: enhances the signal by amplifying it

  • Interior antenna: rebroadcasts the improved signal throughout the space

Before you buy a cellular signal booster, make sure you purchase the right one, as well as the proper antennas. There are signal boosters for home, commercial, and vehicle use. Chances are, you’ll need one for commercial use to ensure it has the strength to reach all of your tenants.

Get the Right Outdoor Antenna

Make sure you buy the proper outdoor antenna based on your location. You’ll either buy an omnidirectional antenna or a uni-directional antenna.

  • Omnidirectional antenna: this antenna searches 360 degrees for the best signal and targets multiple carriers. However, it can become overwhelmed since it picks up any available signal.

  • Directional antenna: this antenna points directly at the nearest tower and searches 50 to 70 degrees to find the best signal. It is sensitive to frequency waves.

Buy what’s best for your area; if you notice many tenants complain about having a poor signal, narrow down the cause, so you can buy the best outdoor antenna.

Get the Right Indoor Antenna