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Tips for Vehicle Fleets To Boost Their Cell Phone Signal

Tips for Vehicle Fleets To Boost Their Cell Phone Signal

Commercial fleet drivers need a reliable cellular signal anytime they’re on the road. Not only does this keep them in contact with dispatchers, but it also keeps them safe and gives them access to navigation on their phones. These workers may have days on the job where their cellular signal isn’t great, but luckily, there are tips for vehicle fleets to boost their cell phone signal.

Keep Driving

If you notice that you have little to no signal as you drive, sometimes the easiest solution is to keep going. Of course, if you're lost, this isn’t the answer, but if you need to make a call for another non-essential reason, try driving a bit longer, then checking your signal. Additionally, you may want to move to higher ground to improve your cellular signal strength.

Why Does This Happen?

This option for boosting cell phone signal is effective because distance, buildings, and natural structures are notorious for blocking cellular signals. So, if you’re too far from the nearest cell tower, you may struggle to pick up a good signal. Likewise, both buildings and natural barriers could block the signal’s pathway.

Exit the Car

A simple tip for vehicle fleets to boost their cell phone signal is to have drivers exit the truck when they have difficulty receiving or making calls. Vehicle materials can weaken cellular signals, just as buildings and elements of nature can. Once you’ve pulled over at a safe location, step out and try to see if your cellular signal improves. However, if you’re still too far from the nearest tower, this option may not work.

Install a Cellular Signal Booster

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to improve your or your fleet drivers' cellular signal, you should equip all trucks with a cellular signal booster. This is your best option because it enhances communication between your cell phone and the nearest tower. And the best part is that a booster will improve your signal no matter how far you are from the nearest cell tower or what obstructions remain in the way. For vehicle cellphone boosters in Canada, contact SureCall Boosters!

How Does It Work?

Vehicle cellular boosters are a type of cellular booster specifically designed for cars, trucks, RVs, and fleet vehicles. They include an external antenna, an amplifier, and an indoor antenna. Each of these works to capture, enhance, and rebroadcast the cellular signal to avoid dead zones.

Keeping connected while you’re on the road is essential, as you need access to your phone to make calls in the event of an emergency. However, this is also important because it allows better access to cellular data, which may be necessary for opening GPS and other maps while on the road.

Improve efficiency for your fleet by purchasing cellular signal boosters! Shop at SureCall Boosters and talk with industry experts regarding what vehicle cellular booster is best for your company's needs!


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