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Commercial Cell Phone Booster System  

Get a Free Cell Booster System Design for Your Business

Commercial office and industrial spaces often struggle to access consistent cellular signal due to a variety of reasons. Topography, distance to cell towers, and even the building material can all hinder cell service.
Whatever may be limiting the cell service in your commercial space, SureCall Canada offers commercial cell phone booster network repeaters and the equipment and expertise you need to easily improve your cell service. The first step to getting set up with a better signal is to consult with our experts about a free signal booster design just for you. It’s a service we offer free of charge because we want to make sure you get the right technology for your unique needs.

We evaluate the details of your commercial space, locate the nearest tower to your building, and determine what equipment is needed. The goal is to optimize your signal access and get the best signal possible to your entire building. Our signal booster system design is completely free and comes with a bill of materials to supply to your installer.


If you don’t have an installer, we can help! Commercial cell phone boosters from SureCall Canada require professional installation to ensure quality control and the proper placement of each antenna and cable. For the best results, consult with us about installing the equipment to maximize the cell booster system design for your building. 
SureCall Canada is a leader in cell signal boosters for offices and provides faster data, as well as consistent coverage across multiple rooms and floors of your commercial space. All SureCall Canada products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as an industry-leading 3-year warranty. We have a proven record of providing incredible cell coverage for many industries, from manufacturing to government, and everything in between.

Our system works through a series of outdoor antennas that pick up the nearest cell signal. Then indoor cell booster network repeaters throughout the building pick up and boost the cell signal so it is accessible wherever you are.
The SureCall Force 2.0 industrial signal booster covers spaces up to 80,000 square feet and over 100 users at one time. For spaces even larger than 80,000 square feet, multiple Force 2.0 systems can be combined to extend your cell service across your complex.


Each unit includes a built-in sentry remote monitoring system so you can remotely manage and adjust gain, downlink, and uplink. You won’t have to worry anymore about dropped business calls, missed texts, or unanswered emails when you use the SureCall cell booster system for your commercial space. 

Call us at 1 (888) 389-5799 or email to get a free signal booster system design for your business.   

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