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5 Useful and Thoughtful Gifts for New Teen Drivers

5 Useful and Thoughtful Gifts for New Teen Drivers

Getting a driver’s license is a thrilling moment in most teenagers’ lives. A license comes with new freedoms, independence, and responsibility. If you know a young driver who recently got their license and want to show your support, here are five useful and thoughtful gifts for new teen drivers you can pass on to them.

1. Roadside Emergency Kit

Every driver should have specific necessities in their vehicle, and a roadside emergency kit is one of the best. Every kit should include a first aid kit, tire pressure gauge, a temporary tire patching kit, road flares, sand or something to help gain traction on icy roads, jumper cables, and an emergency blanket. Of course, you can add as many helpful tools or accessories as you like into the kit, but this is a useful gift that no driver should be without.

2. DC Adapters

Many modern vehicles have USB ports, which are generally helpful for drivers to charge their phones while driving. However, if their car is an older model or doesn't have one, a simple DC to USB adapter could be one of the most useful and thoughtful gifts for new teen drivers. You want to ensure that they have a way to charge their phone in the event of an emergency. Some adapters allow you to convert DC to a traditional AC plug, which may also be handy in some situations.

3. Vehicular Signal Booster

If your new teen driver is heading out on the road, you always want them to remain connected. Certain rural areas have weaker cell service, which may leave them struggling to find a signal. Fortunately, installing a signal booster to latch onto weaker signals and amplify them is a straightforward process. You may not always notice it's there, but knowing you're more likely to have a stable, reliable signal is a benefit every driver should have.

4. Sun Visor

Nobody likes driving with the sun in their eyes. The glare often makes it difficult to see. While most cars have a pull-down sun visor to block the glare, these are often opaque and may obstruct the driver's vision even more than the glare. A practical gift for any driver is a specialized sun visor attachment that operates similarly to sunglasses. These see-through visors help block the brightness of the sun's rays without limiting the driver's view.

5. Gasoline Gift Cards

Some people will tell you that a gift card isn't the most thoughtful gift out there, but when you know you've got a new driver eager to get on the road, the last thing they want to worry about is gas money. A gift card with enough for a hassle-free trip or two at the pumps may be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can pass on to them.

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