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Cell Phone Booster for Cars 

Keep Connected on the Road With a Vehicle Cell Phone Booster

When you travel for work and depend on cell phone service to make calls while on the road, then you understand the struggle of dropped or missed calls and poor connectivity in rural areas. Business depends on quality cell service, which is why SureCall offers a variety of cell phone boosters for cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles. 
How does a vehicle cell phone booster work? The SureCall Fusion 2Go 5G for trucks, cars, RVs, and fleet vehicles uses a bi-directional amplifier system to capture the outdoor signal. The omni antenna can receive voice and data signals from any direction, and then transmits the nearest signal inside the vehicle, rebroadcasting and boosting it using a patch or whip antenna. SureCall’s signal booster offers two times more uplink power than our closest competitor. Your booster can send signals back to a cell phone tower at greater distances than any other booster available.
Being on the road in fringe areas means that dropping calls or missing texts isn’t the only issue you face. Connecting GPS apps in order to find your destination can also be a struggle, but your vehicle cell phone booster solves that problem, too. The Fusion 2Go offers faster data speeds even from limited cell signals. It works with every U.S. and Canadian carrier, so you don’t have to worry about your location. Simply connect and get to where you’re going with better access to data, voice, and text.
If you travel in fleet vehicles and need to boost the signal for more than one device at a time, our Fusion2Go 5G Fleet option gets the job done. The “NMO” is for its Non-Magnetic Option exterior antenna. We’ve been leading the way in trusted performance for many different industries, including public safety, government, oil and gas, and forestry. Your job depends on reliable service, and our fleet vehicle cell phone booster will provide the most reliable cell signal available.

Finding the right cell phone booster for a car or truck doesn’t need to be challenging. SureCall’s systems are top-of-the-line, leading devices for vehicle cell phone boosters. SureCall offers expertise and incredible customer service to make sure you get the signal booster that is right for you. Contact us today at (888) 389-5799 or to learn more about our products. We’re here to make sure you get the service you deserve. 

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