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MTS Signal Booster

MTS, also known as Bell MTS, is an excellent option for cellular coverage in Canada, offering high-speed service. However, like any cellular network, an MTS signal booster is the only way to maintain a strong signal.

What Are Signal Boosters?

A cellular signal booster is a must-have if you frequently struggle with dropped calls and failed-to-send texts resulting from a poor signal. A network booster combats this common problem using an outdoor antenna, amplifier, and indoor antenna.

The outdoor antenna communicates with the network tower and your amplifier; it captures the signal and then sends it to the amplifier to enhance it. After making the signal stronger, the amplifier sends it to the indoor antenna and rebroadcasts it for your phone. Then once you send a call, it goes from the indoor antenna to the amplifier to the outdoor antenna.

Types of Cellular Boosters

When shopping for your MTS cell phone booster, you must understand what types are available and what their primary uses are. Manufacturers design boosters for homes, vehicles, and commercial buildings. You need to buy the one that's suitable for your needs.

If you're a business owner, you need a commercial cell phone booster, as the other options won't get the job done. Each booster relies on a slightly different antenna to properly distribute the signal.

Common Causes of Dropped Calls

Calls can drop for various reasons. For instance, if your phone suffers internal damage, it may be harder to make calls. However, your signal may also suffer due to the following:

  • Poor weather conditions

  • Building materials

  • Overcrowded network

  • Your location

Causes such as remote location can impact signals for various reasons; the further you are from the tower, the harder it is to maintain a steady signal. Likewise, buildings, dense forests, valleys, and mountains may obstruct signals between your phone and the tower.   

Why Buy an MTS Cell Booster?


An MTS signal booster enhances the link between an outdoor antenna that relays information to the tower and your amplifier. We take our phones everywhere, and communication with the outside world is vital. Unfortunately, without a reliable signal, our phones aren't beneficial.


Buy Your Signal Booster

Buy your mobile phone booster from SureCall Canada. We sell various signal boosters that work with many wireless carriers, including MTS. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about our boosters. Simply email your questions to

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