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Fido Signal Booster

Fido is one of the many cellular coverage companies consumers have to choose from in Canada. While cellular coverage will suffice in various locations, making calls or sending texts becomes a challenge without a cellular tower in range. With a Fido signal booster, you can end that frustration once and for all!  

What Are Signal Boosters? 

Cellular phone signal boosters feature technology that strengthens communication between your phone and the nearest tower for your network. The booster relies on an outdoor antenna to capture the signal and then sends it to an amplifier. The amplifier boosts the signal before sending it to an indoor broadcast antenna. As a result, it’s easier for your phone to pick up the signal so you can send texts or make calls.

Types of Cellular Boosters

Before buying a booster, you should understand the three main types, which work for different structures. This includes the following:

Buying a Fido cell phone booster for your cabin differs from getting one for your RV, as it requires a different type of booster. Typically, boosters designed for vehicles aren’t strong enough for homes or commercial spaces.   

Common Causes of Dropped Calls

Dropped calls occur for a host of reasons. While some of us blame our phone or network, the cause could be something else entirely, such as:

  • Weather  

  • Your location  

  • Building materials  

  • Overcrowded network

Causes such as your location could impact the signal if you’re too far from the tower or in specific areas. Mountainous terrain and cities have one thing in common—the structures (both natural and man-made) block signal. A mobile signal booster prevents dropped calls by strengthening the signal so it can overcome the challenges.

Why Buy a Fido Cell Booster?

A Fido signal booster is the ideal option for all Fido users and ensures you can continue making calls wherever you install it. Communication is central to life. Dropped calls and failed-to-send texts should never stand in your way, nor will they if you have a booster.

Buy Your Signal Booster

SureCall Canada sells a wide variety of signal boosters compatible with Fido users. We sell different cellular boosters for vehicles, homes, and commercial use. Contact us if you have questions about our Fido cell phone boosters. You’ll reach our team by emailing your questions to

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