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Cell Signal Booster Distribution

The distribution industry is essential to our economy and the success of many sectors, such as retail. It’s these employees that deliver goods to a wide range of companies. Since these workers are often on the road, remaining connected to their home base and managers is vital. However, calls can drop for various reasons, hindering communication. Technology such as cell signal boosters helps prevent this risk. 


Factors Impacting Signal

Many different factors could be the reason behind your dropped calls. Some of the most common causes include: 


  • Heavy wireless traffic 

  • Building materials  

  • Distance from the tower 


Certain building materials, such as metal or glass, can impair signal strength because they are dense, so it’s harder for signal waves to get through them and reach the tower. Other factors, such as high digital traffic, also result in low bars; this can occur in areas where many people are on their phones simultaneously.  


Why Staying Connected Matters

You may instruct fleet drivers and in-house employees to complete a variety of different tasks. However, everyone is still a team working toward a similar goal.  


Similarly, many distribution companies partner with manufacturers, retailers, and other industries to pick up or deliver supplies. When workers are on the road, they may need to contact you or the customer to communicate issues or setbacks. Doing this is a quick and simple task when they have reliable call quality. 


How Boosters Work

A phone signal booster utilizes three main components to enhance your signal. These parts include the following: 


  • Outdoor antenna: Searches for and obtains a signal from network tower(s) 

  • Amplifier: Enhances the cellular signal for the indoor antenna 

  • Indoor antenna: Rebroadcasts the amplified signal to your specific area 


With a booster, you don’t have to worry about outside factors weakening your signal. This includes factors of distance, unless you’re in a dead zone; only moving locations can fix issues related to dead zones.  


SureCall Canada Can Help

Buy your cell signal booster from SureCall Canada to ensure all employees at your distribution company can boost their call quality. We have boosters for in-building use and vehicles. If you have questions about one of our boosters, contact us by calling 1-888-389-5799 or emailing   

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