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SureCall Force5 2.0 Industrial Signal Booster - SC-5000-80-RM

The SureCall Force5 2.0 Industrial Signal Booster is designed for large commercial or industrial spaces. For any questions about system designs product or kitting questions, please reach out to or call 1-888-389-5799.


With its built-in Sentry Remote Monitoring System, it allows the installer to remotely monitor the booster and separately adjust gain, uplink, and downlink. The Force5 2.0 is a 3-Watt booster designed to be installed by a professional installer for large areas up to 80,000 square feet for 100+ users simultaneously. Perfect for cellular devices such as mobile phones, tablets, internet hubs, and more where reception is weak due to distance from towers, the topography, building materials or structural design. The Force 5 2.0 works on all major Canadian cellular networks and boosts voice & 3G/4G/LTE data speeds.


Ideal Application

SureCall's Force5 2.0 boosters provide reliable cellular coverage for large commercial and industrial buildings, spanning up to 80,000 sq. ft. For even larger buildings, multiple Force5 2.0 boosters can be seamlessly combined into one system for enhanced coverage. Additionally, the built-in SureCall Sentry allows for convenient remote access, enabling users to easily monitor and make adjustments to the cellular booster system as needed.


Key Features

  • Boosts signal for voice, text and 4G LTE data for all major Canadian cell carriers
  • Supports 4G & LTE devices, including MiFi hotspots and cellular datahubs
  • Reduces dropped & missed calls
  • Suitable for 80,000 square feet
  • Supports 100+ simultaneous users
  • Each band is Independently reconfigurable
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) prevents interference
  • IC certified
  • Built-in Sentry remote monitoring system software that allows users to adjust the attenuation to control:
    • Over-Powering
    • Oscillation
    • Attenuation
  • Industry leading 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Compliant with ISED (Formerly Industry Canada) 2018 regulations; ISED Grant 7784A-FORCE5S

SureCall Force5 2.0 Industrial Signal Booster - SC-5000-80-RM

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee All SureCall products come with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you purchase a product from and it doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, the product can be returned for a full refund with no questions asked. 3 Year Warranty All SureCall products come with a 3 year warranty. If your booster breaks down during this period, please reach out and we will exchange it for one that works.

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