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Cell Signal Booster Manufacturing

Nowadays, we use our phones as a primary line of communication with the outside world; individuals working in the manufacturing industry utilize heavy machinery and specialized tools daily. And there are often times when employees need to contact coworkers or management. With a cell phone, this becomes a quick and simple process. However, various factors can weaken your signal, resulting in poor quality; cell signal boosters for manufacturing can help.

Factors Weakening Signal


There is a wide range of factors that can weaken your signal, and many of them are uncontrollable. For instance, heavy storms make it harder for your phone’s signal to reach the cell tower. Other things influencing signal include:


  • Heavy wireless traffic 

  • Building materials  

  • Local terrain

Not having access to calls can create issues, as you will lose your primary line of communication.

Why Staying Connected Matters


We use our phones every day to make calls and send texts. Remaining connected is vital to manufacturing because it keeps all workers engaged and on the same page for task completion. In turn, workers collaborate like a well-oiled machine. If someone has a question, they can use their phones to call their bosses or other managers.

Employees may need to reach out right away if a tool doesn’t work properly or does not function at all. However, many manufacturing jobs are in warehouses, and the dense building material of these structures increases the risk of dropped calls. Luckily, you can get around this issue with the help of a signal booster for cell phones.

How Cell Boosters Help

Boosters assist your phone’s communication with the network tower by relying on three main components. First, an outdoor antenna captures the nearest signal from a cellular network tower. Then, it sends this signal to an amplifier that boosts the signal. The final part of a cell phone signal booster is the indoor antenna, which rebroadcasts the enhanced signal.

Cellular boosters make it so your phone can communicate with the tower despite common barriers, such as dense building material, your location, or local terrain.

SureCall Canada Can Help

SureCall Canada sells cell signal boosters for manufacturing. Our boosters designed for large companies ensure the signal gets distributed throughout the manufacturing plant so that all employees benefit. If you have questions, please call 1-888-389-5799 or email

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