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Cell Signal Booster Energy

If you work for a company that strives to produce energy from fossil fuels and renewable sources, remaining connected to your team is crucial. Additionally, your industry must manufacture and distribute sourced energy. Staying connected to the outside world and your team is crucial to the safety of all workers, but uncontrollable factors can negatively impact call quality. Cell signal boosters help reduce the frustrating and dangerous risk of dropping calls.

Factors Impacting Signal

Dropping calls or struggling to send texts is frustrating to us all. However, these scenarios can happen due to different outside factors. For example, the further you are from a network tower, the weaker your signal becomes. Terrain, weather conditions, and heavy cellular traffic are all common causes of poor signal quality. 


Why Staying Connected Matters

Remaining in contact with your entire team keeps employees safe. If workers need to transport sourced energy from one location to another, they may need to contact you. However, if you or the employee has a poor signal, the call could drop, prohibiting both of you from conveying your message. Likewise, poor communication can decrease safety and overall productivity.  


How Boosters Work

Cell phone signal boosters help reduce the risk of dropped calls or “failed to send” texts because they enhance communication between your phone and the tower. A cell phone relies on wavelength frequencies to get signals from network towers to cell phones and vice versa. Boosters rely on three main parts: 


  • Outdoor antenna: Communicates with the tower 

  • Amplifier: Boosts signal from outdoor  

  • Indoor antenna: Rebroadcasts the signal within the area 


Boosters also work in the opposite direction when you send a text, as the signal must go from your phone through the booster and then to the tower before reaching the other phone.  


SureCall Canada Can Help

Looking to enhance call quality for your energy company? SureCall Canada sells the cell signal boosters you need! We have various indoor and outdoor antenna types that distribute and gather signal differently. Please contact our team if you have questions about which booster you should purchase. You’ll reach us by calling 1-888-389-5799 or emailing

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