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SureCall Fusion2Go 5G Fleet Mobile Signal Booster
  • Ideal Application
    The Fusion2Go 5G Fleet, featuring Canada's first and only ultra-wideband vehicle cell booster, amplifies 7 frequency bands for superior 5G connectivity, making it the go-to solution for fleets looking for reliable voice and data communication in challenging conditions.

    Key Features

    • With 5G capabilities the Fusion2Go 5G Fleet will work in areas where other boosters will not
    • Boosts 5G & LTE voice, text, and data signals for all users inside any car, truck or SUV
    • Works with all Canadian cell carriers, including Telus, Bell, Rogers
    • Amplifies 7 frequency bands including 5G band 66 & 7 for 60% more 5G bandwidth than the closest competitor
    • Supports multiple simultaneous users and devices, including hotspots, while extending their battery life
    • Durable, weather-tested components are made to last and protected from water, dust and road grime
    • Permanent mounting with exterior NMO antenna - requires 3/8-inch hole in sheet metal
    • Lifetime 100% US-based tech support and industry-leading 3-year warranty
    • Designed, assembled, and tested in the USA

    SureCall Fusion2Go 5G Fleet Mobile Signal Booster

    • Fusion2Go 5G Fleet boosts voice, text, and data speeds on all 5G and 4G phones for all Canadian carriers. The FIRST and ONLY ultra-wideband vehicle cell booster in Canada that amplifies 7 frequency bands, including bands 66 & 7 of the high-capacity 5G spectrum for ultra-fast data speeds and high-quality voice over 5G (VoNR-5G). The amplifier delivers the highest uplink power with 516 MHz total amplified spectrum for 60% more 5G bandwidth than other boosters.

      The high-performance kit includes an NMO exterior antenna that permanently mounts to any vehicle, enabling it to withstand rugged work and weather conditions. The intelligent booster system locks onto the cellular carriers’ signals to improve the range of the vehicle in weak signal areas. The stronger connection results in fewer dropped calls, better call clarity, faster upload and download speeds for reliable messaging, streaming and browsing