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Koodo Signal Booster

In 2008, Telus started a new cellular coverage company: Koodo Mobile. This provider differs from Telus as it doesn't lock users into a contract, making it ideal for younger customers. As with any provider, having coverage is vital no matter where you go, but it’s not always guaranteed. With a Koodo signal booster, you can reduce this risk.  

What Are Signal Boosters?

A cellular signal booster is a must-have piece of technology for many home and business owners as it enhances communication between your phone and the network. The cell phone signal booster also decreases the risk of dropped calls or failed-to-send texts. Both of these can occur for many reasons, but the most common is distance from the tower.  

Types of Cellular Booster  

As you shop for a signal booster, it's important to note that there are three main types:  

  • Mobile boosters for vehicles  

  • Mobile boosters for commercial spaces  

  • Mobile boosters for homes  

Each of these differs in size and antenna type. For instance, many mobile signal boosters for multi-level commercial buildings rely on an indoor panel antenna to evenly distribute the signal.  

Common Causes of Dropped Calls  

Nobody likes dropping calls or seeing those pesky "failed-to-send" notifications on their texts. There are many reasons why your phone may struggle to communicate with the network tower. These include the following issues:  

  • You're too far away  

  • Severe weather  

  • Digital overcrowding of the tower  

  • Natural obstructions  

When the signal wave from your phone can't reach the tower or becomes too weak to do so, your message cannot get through.   

Why Buy a Koodoo Signal Booster  

You'll get the needed coverage with a mobile booster designed to work with Koodoo. This results in better call quality in your home, office, or RV/vehicle, depending on where you install the device.  

Buy our Signal Booster  

Buy your cell phone signal booster from SureCall Canada. All our boosters work with Canadian networks, so users can get the necessary coverage. Please contact us at if you have any questions about our boosters or need help deciding which one to buy.

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