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Telus Signal Boosters

Telus International is one of the many cellphone coverage companies in Canada that users can choose from; they’ve been around since 2005. Having coverage is important, as it ensures you remain connected. There’s never been a better time to invest in a Telus cell signal booster.

What Are Signal Boosters?


A cellular signal booster strengthens communication between your phone and a nearby cell tower. Your phone sends a signal to the nearest network tower when you make calls or send texts. Then, the network tower receives the signal and sends the text to the recipient. This is why you may not have any bars when you’re in the middle of nowhere or otherwise far from the nearest cell tower.


Types of Cellular Booster


There are three main types of cellular booster to choose from:

Knowing why you need a Telus cell signal booster and where you’ll install it simplifies the purchasing process.

Common Causes of Dropped Calls


Nobody likes spotty reception or, worse yet, dropping a call, but we’ve all experienced it. A cellular signal can weaken for many reasons, including:


  • Distance from cell tower

  • Weather

  • Cellular carrier issues

  • Damaged phone

Natural obstructions such as mountains and valleys can also negatively impact signals. The good news is that a signal booster can solve all of these problems and end your frustration!

Why Buy a Telus Cell Booster?


A Telus signal booster is compatible with Telus users. If you install the booster at home, you’ll have better reception in the house. On the other hand, if you install the booster on your vehicle or RV, you’ll have better cell service anytime you’re on the go. This is because cellular networks broadcast on their towers to send signals to their users.

Buy Your Signal Booster


Not sure whether to buy a Telus signal booster? Contact us if you have questions about Telus cell signal boosters. At SureCall Canada, we want to keep you connected and are happy to educate our customers on all our cellular signal boosters. Please email any questions to

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