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Rogers Signal Boosters

Rogers is one of the many Canadian cellular networks users have to choose from. Interestingly, this company began as a cable television provider, then added home internet. With society now relying on cell phones more than ever, Rogers also became a wireless provider, further adding to their list of services. With a Rogers signal booster, you'll strengthen your signal whether you install it at home, in the office, or on your vehicle.

Why Buy a Cellular Booster?

Nobody likes dropping calls, but sometimes, severe weather, natural obstructions, or building materials cause them. Moreover, you may not have great cellular coverage if you’re staying at a cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Not having access to the outside world is dangerous.

Cellular boosters enhance the connection between your phone and the nearest cell tower, so distance, natural obstructions, weather, and building materials won't cause an issue.

How Is a Rogers Cell Booster Different?

A Rogers signal booster is a cellular booster designed for Rogers users. This means you can buy a vehicle cellular booster to install on your car, truck, or RV. You could also purchase a signal booster for your home or a commercial cellular booster for an office space to prevent employees from dropping calls.

A Rogers cell signal booster directly communicates between your phone and the nearest Rogers cell tower. Every wireless network broadcasts a signal from their tower. With a booster, you'll have fewer concerns about where the closest Rogers tower is. Your phone will always remain connected to the network.

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

Cellular signal boosters contain three main components: an indoor antenna, an amplifier, and an outdoor antenna. The outdoor antenna communicates with the nearest tower; in this case, that's Rogers. Then, it sends the signal to the amplifier to strengthen it. Finally, your amplifier communicates with the indoor antenna to rebroadcast the signal for your phone to pick up.

The system works both ways to keep your phone connected. For instance, when you receive texts, the signal moves in the order explained above, coming from the tower. But when you send messages out, it moves in the opposite order—indoor antenna to amplifier to outdoor antenna to cell tower.

Buy From SureCall Canada

A Rogers cell booster keeps you connected to your Canadian wireless network to ensure you always have the necessary coverage. Email SureCall Canada at if you have questions about our signal boosters as you decide what to buy.

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