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From No Service to Full Bars Inside Metal Home  

Rural Cell Phone Booster

A Rural Couple Gets Connected With a Cell Signal Booster

Under a metal roof in a challenging location far from the closest cell tower, the Whitehead’s had no landline or Internet.

The SureCall Fusion4Home 3.0, a rural cell phone booster, gave them reliable cell service for calling, texting, and 4G LTE mobile internet inside their home.  

Brenda Whitehead and her husband, Jack, live in a rural area on an eight-acre property that’s covered in trees. The couple lives inside their 1,600-square-foot country home, where they rely completely on cellular connectivity since they have no landline or access to Internet.

For the last seven years they have had no cell service inside their home, a common issue we see in homes with metal exterior construction. Their porch was the only location with cell service and this meant if they wanted to receive or make a call, send a text, or receive an email, they had to be outside. The couple was no stranger to chattering teeth in the winter and intense heat in the summer.

The likelihood of the family’s home having cellular reception was stacked heavily against them. Their home was situated far from the nearest cell tower in an area with dense tree coverage and the home used metal construction and low-e glass windows. These building materials completely blocked any cell signal that reached their property.


Jack owns and operates an 18-wheeler and receives load pickup information via email and text. Because the home had neither mobile Internet nor cell service inside, he constantly stressed that he would miss a late night request for a last-minute load pickup.

Cell phone service was not only a necessity for connecting them with their family, friends, and community but it was making it harder for them to operate their business from home.

Outside of their home, Brenda and Jack averaged 2-3 bars of coverage for the cell carrier they used and 1-2 bars for the cell company their son used. They talked around within their community and heard rural cell phone boosters improve cell phone service in homes. 


A little skeptical, Brenda began searching for the best rural cell phone booster and found SureCall. Seeing positive reviews about the company, she wanted to speak with someone who could help her choose the right signal booster for her home. She reached out to a SureCall solutions expert and, although her husband didn’t think it would work, they gave it a try, knowing it came with a 60-day money back guarantee and 3-year warranty.

SureCall Fusion4Home 3.0 Yagi/Panel Kit - $699.99
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