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Cell Signal Boosters for Transportation

Keeping in contact with all members of your fleet is vital to your business's well-being and employees' safety. However, problems can arise when drivers go through rural zones and other areas where the signal becomes poor. Rather than lose communication with workers because of low signal bars, invest in cell signal boosters for transportation.

Factors Impacting Signal


In the transportation industry, various factors can impact signals. Workers have to deal with driving in storms and challenging terrains, and mountains and valleys can negatively affect signal. At the home base, you may also drop calls or notice a low signal quality due to construction materials used in the office building.  

If you work in a city, you also have to struggle with increased levels of digital traffic as multiple users compete for the same signal. All of this puts you and your drivers at higher risk of dropped calls, increasing the danger for workers.   

Why Great Connection Matters 

No matter what your job is, having the ability to communicate with your boss and coworkers ensures everyone understands expectations. Clear communication becomes even more critical when transportation is your line of work. Often, coworkers are not in the same spot, so they rely on their phones to get messages across.   

Additionally, you may need to alert fleet drivers about severe weather occurring in a town the worker will go through. The driver likely doesn’t know about the storm since they can’t watch the weather while driving. With a simple call, you can alert them and provide a new route so they can safely arrive at their destination. But how can they do this without a reliable signal? With a vehicle cell phone signal booster.   

How Boosters Work  

Signal boosters rely on three main components: an outdoor antenna, an amplifier, and an indoor antenna. A cell phone booster for trucks differs from the boosters you’d buy for a home or commercial space because it needs to capture signal on the go. The outdoor antenna searches all directions for a signal it can send to the amplifier. Your amplifier enhances the signal so the indoor antenna can pick it up and rebroadcast it through the vehicle.   

SureCall Canada Can Help  

Buy your cell signal booster for transportation at SureCall Canada. Whether you plan to mount it to your fleet vehicles or RV, we've got the options you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You’ll reach our team by emailing or calling 1-888-389-5799. 

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