SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 Signal Booster for Cars & Trucks - SC-Fusion2Go3-CA
  • Ideal Application

    Perfect for vehicles that require the best wireless cellular signal enhancement for multiple users simultaneously in areas on the fringe of cellular networks.



    Cradle Antenna - Use as a cradle mount for your phone as well as an internal antenna for more effective performance. Recommended if you only require one user. Learn more here.


    12" Magnet Mount Antenna - Recommended if you're looking for the maximum performance. Improves performance by ~67%. Replaces the 3.8" Low-Profile antenna included in the kit. Learn more here.


    Key Features

    • Boosts voice, text & 4G LTE signals for all Canadian cell carriers
    • 5G Compatible— supports 4G, LTE & 5G devices, including MiFi hotspots and cellular datahubs.
    • Reduces dropped and missed calls
    • Increases signal strength & extends battery life for all cellular devices
    • Improves 4G LTE data speeds and connectivity for more miles of uninterrupted coverage
    • Automatically optimizes gain ensuring the booster is always operating at maximum performance
    • No cradle or docking station required
    • Sets up in minutes - simple plug-and-play install
    • Industry-leading 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Compliant with ISED (Formerly Industry Canada) 2018 regulations

    SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 Signal Booster for Cars & Trucks - SC-Fusion2Go3-CA

    • Configurable for all vehicles, the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 is a 5 band booster for voice, 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE data for use with all major Canadian carriers. This is a wireless, multi-user solution, ideal for hands-free, cell phone car systems, GPS apps, and increasing service range in rural areas. With a quick and easy installation process, you'll be ready to hit the road in minutes. With improved performance, a small footprint and auto-adjusting gain, the Fusion2Go deliver reliable voice and 4G data signal for Canadians to hit the road. The bi-directional amplifier system rebroadcasts clear, reliable cell signal throughout your vehicle.

      2X More Uplink Power than the Closest Competitor – Getting a signal from a cell tower is easy. The hard part is getting a small device to send a signal back to the tower. Industry-leading uplink power allows Fusion2Go 3.0 to send signals back to the tower at greater distances than any other booster on the market.


      Faster Data Speeds – The booster’s well-designed engineering enables Fusion2Go 3.0 to more efficiently transmit and receive data signals on limited cellular signals.

      All Carriers & Multiple Users – Fusion2Go 3.0 supports multiple simultaneous users and works with all cellular network providers in the United States and Canada including Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, Koodo, Videotron, Freedom, Wind, etc.