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Cell Signal Booster for Hospitality

When your line of work is within hospitality, nothing is more important than communication, especially when offering top-quality service to guests. You can maintain a stable wireless connection with a cell signal booster for hospitality. This means better call quality and fewer “Failed to send” texts when communicating with employees and guests.

Factors Weakening Signal


Many things can impair your wireless signal. Some of the most common factors to blame for this include the following:​


  • Distance from the tower  

  • Building material  

  • Increased wireless traffic  

  • Mountains and valleys

In addition to these, a cellular signal can also suffer depending on your location. In a rural area, you’re often further from the nearest tower, and mountains and dense forests could be between you and the tower. On the other hand, in a dense city, large buildings block the signal’s path, and there are more people using the same tower. Without a mobile signal booster for your hotel or restaurant, communication suffers.  

Why Great Connection Matters   

Having a reliable signal in your establishment is essential for two reasons—your workflow and guest experience. There will be days when you need to call or text staff members. However, the message may not go through without a reliable cell signal. Likewise, guests will certainly expect to be able to use their devices in your business.   

Communication is central to life, and in today’s world, our phones make sharing messages a few taps away—that is, if you have a reliable signal. With a network booster, you can keep customers happy and digitally connected as they enjoy your service.  

How Boosters Work  

Mobile boosters rely on three main components to work. First, the outdoor antenna communicates with the nearest network tower to capture a signal to send to the amplifier. Your amplifier is crucial as it enhances the signal so the indoor antenna can rebroadcast it throughout the establishment. Finally, phones pick up this signal and ensure users have mobile bars. This allows everyone to continue making calls and sending texts.   

SureCall Canada Can Help  

A cell signal booster is a must-have asset for hospitality businesses. SureCall Canada sells a variety of boosters with different indoor and outdoor antennas based on your needs. Please contact us by emailing or calling 1-888-389-5799 if you have any questions about our products. 

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