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Cell Signal Booster Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry serves a vital purpose in our world, as we use these materials as major energy sources for appliances, vehicles, and more. Keeping in touch with all company employees that operate in this sector is critical to maintaining a stable production rate. You can prevent dropped calls and connect all your workers with a cell signal booster. 


Factors Weakening Signal

Dropping a call can feel frustrating, especially if you need to get a message to a coworker. Overall communication decreases when you also can’t send texts. Some of the most common culprits for dropped calls include: 


  • Building materials 

  • High traffic to a cell tower 

  • Current location 

  • Local terrain  

  • Natural obstructions 


Additionally, unnatural obstructions, such as city buildings, can block the cellular signal path, leading to poor call quality. The good news is companies such as SureCall Canada sell cellular signal boosters to help combat this struggle. 


Why Staying Connected Matters

When your line of work requires drilling for oil and gas, there may be times when some of your team members are too far apart to speak face-to-face. Our phones keep us connected to the outside world in ways other technology cannot. Even radios have a range limit that cannot compare with wireless devices. 


If you or other team members regularly drop calls, then safety and production rates may pay the price. For instance, you may have a worker on the road transporting materials while you’re at the home base; if there are traffic blocks, the employee may need to contact you for a new route. However, this can become difficult or impossible if one or both of you has a poor signal.  


How Boosters Help

A cellular cell phone signal booster for oil and gas companies can reduce the risk of dropped calls by enhancing communication between your phone and the network tower.  


Boosters do this by relying on three main components: an indoor antenna, an amplifier, and an outdoor antenna. The outdoor antenna picks up a signal from the nearest network tower and sends it to the amplifier. From here, the amplifier boosts the signal so that the indoor antenna can pick it up and rebroadcast it within your area. This allows your phone to pick up the signal so that you can make calls or send texts.  


SureCall Canada Can Help

Looking for the best place to purchase your cell signal booster? SureCall Canada sells various boosters for homes, businesses, and vehicles. Browse our options to find the ideal signal booster for your needs. Contact our support team by calling 1-888-389-5799 or emailing with any questions you may have.

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