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NorthernTel Signal Booster

NorthernTel is one of the many mobile provider companies that individuals living in Ontario and Northwest Quebec, Canada, have to choose from. Our phones keep us connected to the rest of the world, and we cannot have this connection without reliable cellular service. With a NorthernTel signal booster, you can maintain a strong mobile signal.

What Are Signal Boosters?

 A mobile booster is a device used to increase communication between your phone and the nearest network tower. Cell phone boosters contain three main components—an outdoor antenna, an amplifier, and an indoor antenna.

To boost your signal, the outdoor antenna captures a signal from the network tower and sends it to the amplifier. Next, the amplifier strengthens this signal and sends it to the indoor antenna to rebroadcast it for your phone. As you send out messages, it does the same thing but in the opposite order: signal travels from your phone to the indoor antenna, to the amplifier, to the outdoor antenna, and finally to the tower.

Types of Cellular Booster

You can’t buy just any mobile signal booster and expect it to work. The type you need to purchase depends on where you’ll install it. Below are the three types of signal boosters:

  • Cellular boosters for homes

  • Cellular boosters for vehicles

  • Cellular boosters for commercial spaces

Manufacturers design each of these to work in their designated locations. A vehicle booster is not strong enough to work for a home, for example, so it won’t improve your signal if you install it at your house.


Common Causes of Dropped Calls

None of us like dropping calls, but sometimes it may happen more frequently. For instance, you may notice you have worse signal quality in the office than at home. This change in quality can occur due to building materials. Causes of poor signal include:

  • Your location

  • Hills and valleys

  • Severe weather

  • Overcrowding of the network tower

Phone signal boosters strengthen your signal to combat these issues, meaning you can continue using your phone easily.

Why Buy a NorthernTel Booster

A NorthernTel signal booster works with your cellular network to ensure you get the necessary coverage. Boosters can only enhance your signal if you use one compatible with your mobile network.

Purchase Your Signal Booster Today

Shop for your signal booster at SureCall Canada. We carry booster options for residential, vehicle, and commercial spaces that work with various Canadian mobile coverage companies. Please email if you have any questions about our products.

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