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    Works best in a home, home office, or cottage/cabin/camp to boost voice and data speeds. Works great to improve performance on the Rogers (Rocket Hub), Bell (Turbo Hub), and Telus (Smart Hub). The indoor coverage area will vary based on available outdoor signal strength: 1-2 bars ~1000 sq. Ft, 3-4 bars ~2000 sq. Ft, 5 bars ~3000 sq. Ft.



    20" J-Bar Antenna Mount - If you don't have a pole to mount the antenna, it is recommended to add the J-Bar Antenna Mount for ease of installation.


    Lightning Surge Protector - If you live in an area with frequent thunderstorms, it is recommended to add the Lightning Surge Protector which attaches between the exterior antenna and the booster to protect it from being damaged.


    Cable Upgrade - In areas with 1-2 bars outside, it is recommended that you upgrade the exterior cable to RG1150' currently out of stock until June 12th.



    • Simplified setup with a combined booster and indoor antenna
    • Industry-leading highest uplink power for excellent performance in rural areas
    • Boosts voice, text and 4G LTE* signals for all Canadian cell carriers
    • Reduces dropped & missed calls and improves 4G LTE data speeds
    • Covers 1-2 bars ~1000 sq. Ft, 3-4 bars ~2000 sq. Ft, 5 bars ~3000 sq. Ft
    • Directional outdoor antenna captures signal directly from the cell tower
    • Industry-leading 3-year manufacturer’s warranty & 60-day money-back guarantee


    *5G phone compatible – boosts voice & 4G LTE data on 5G phones/devices

    SureCall Flare 3.0 Desktop Signal Booster for Homes & Cottages - SC-Flare3CA

    C$549.99 Regular Price
    C$499.00Sale Price
    Mount for Exterior Antenna
    Cable Upgrade
    Lightning Surge Protector
    • The SureCall Flare 3.0 is the first cell phone signal booster with a combined indoor antenna and signal booster, simplifying setup and increasing voice, text and 4G LTE signal strength for all Canadian cell carriers while complying to the 2018 Canadian regulations. Designed to boost signal for 1 – 2 rooms or up to 3,000 square feet, the SureCall Flare 3.0 has an elegant two-piece design with a built-in indoor antenna to simplify the setup process. The SureCall Flare 3.0 can be placed on a tabletop and or shelf to blend in with the surrounding environment while increasing data speeds and producing more clear voice calls.