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SureCall RangeXL High-Gain Outdoor Directional LPDA Yagi Antenna - N-Female
  • Enjoy constant cellular connectivity even in the most challenging signal environments with the RangeXL long-range Yagi antenna from SureCall. It is a high-gain, 12/14 dBi, Log Periodic Directional Antenna (LPDA) that helps provide maximum cellular performance for mobile devices inside homes and buildings in rural and remote areas. The RangeXL is an upgraded outdoor antenna that can be used with most residential and commercial signal boosters, repeaters, modems, routers, and hot spots to transmit/receive signals to and from distant cell towers for improved call quality, provide faster data speeds and a more consistent streaming experience on multiple devices. It is durable and made to last with the highest-quality components and designed to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions. Designed to mount on a pole/mast up to 2” in diameter on a building’s exterior, it is easily adjustable to point in the direction of the desired cell tower. The RangeXL covers all North American carriers’ cellular LTE and 5G frequencies between 698 and 2700 MHz and features an N-female (50 ohm) connector.

    SureCall RangeXL High-Gain Outdoor Directional LPDA Yagi Antenna - N-Female

    • Powerful Log Periodic Directional Antenna (LPDA) enhances indoor cellular signal on all major North American carrier networks, including Rogers, Bell, Telus, and more. Long-range connectivity with nearly three times the gain of a typical Yagi antenna, ensures a stronger and more reliable connection with distant cell towers. High-gain directional antenna delivers reliable performance with 12/14 dBi of gain designed for exterior building installation in weak signal environments.

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