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An Easy Guide to Installing a Magnetic-Mount Signal Antenna

An Easy Guide to Installing a Magnetic-Mount Signal Antenna

The magnetic-mount signal antenna is a standard mount for cellular booster kits designed for cars, trucks, and RVs. Instead of using strong adhesives that erode with weather or ruin your vehicle's exterior paint job, magnetic-mount antennas rely on a single giant magnet to keep them in place. To avoid scratching your car's exterior and optimize your cellular booster, here is an easy guide to installing a magnetic-mount signal antenna.

Compatible Surfaces

Nonferrous materials like aluminum possess poor magnetic qualities, hindering their ability to use and secure any magnetic product. Like most magnets, the magnetic-mount antenna won't work on certain surfaces. Aside from aluminum, other common and incompatible materials found on the exterior of vehicles include plastic, canvas, and alternative fabric coverings.


Before placing any indoor or outdoor cellular antenna on your building or vehicle, you need to clean the surface of your desired mount location and the antenna itself. Tiny bits of debris and dust caught between the placement area and antenna can affect the signal; the security of the mount’s installation as well as potential hazards near your antenna can also affect the signal. Dirt or any small fragments caught in the middle of the magnetic-mount and your vehicle's hood weakens the magnetic force securing the mount in place. A clean foundation and antenna ensure that your magnet connects to the roof with its full strength.


The ideal placement for the magnetic-mount antenna is near the middle of your car's hood toward the back end. Similar to the magnet's compatibility with certain materials, various mount locations are incompatible with the antenna. Antennas work best away from other nearby antennas, potential interferences like the trunk door, and sunroofs. Another placement aspect to consider is the direction of the antenna when it's standing up. You want to make sure the magnetic-mount antenna remains vertical, so you’ll need to avoid installing on the side of the doors or trunk. Plus, once you've placed your magnetic mount onto its spot, try not to shift it off the surface to prevent scratching your car.

Connect to Your Booster

After the magnetic-mount antenna is secured in place, it's time to thread the wire through the door of your car and connect it to the booster. When bringing the wire into the interior, slip the wire through the door's seal to secure it with added grip. Next, plug in the cables and install the indoor antenna, and cell signal booster setup is complete.

If you experience issues with your booster, the installation is likely at fault. With this easy guide to installing a magnetic-mount signal antenna, you can look back through the steps to see potential causes of your failed installation and try reinstalling the antenna mounts in the same or new placement. The magnetic feature of the mount makes it much easier to test and move your antenna to different, optimal locations.


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