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How Improving Your Tech Improves Client Communication

How Improving Your Tech Improves Client Communication

Establishing proper communication between companies and customers is such an important issue that it's impossible to understate. Keeping an open line of communication between people in this dynamic benefits everyone involved. When customers can communicate with a company, it allows them to feel like the company can meet their needs. Likewise, when a company can openly communicate with its clients, it creates a bond of trust, making it more likely to keep them around as repeat customers.

There are many ways to see how improving your tech improves client communication. Better technology makes it easier, faster, and more accessible to maintain an open dialogue. Today, SureCall Boosters is here to look at some of the advancements in technology that make communication better than ever.

Multiple Communication Options

As technology grows and changes, we gain more convenient ways to communicate and add new channels of potential dialogue. Not too long ago, if customers needed to talk to someone at a company, they could write a letter or make a phone call. Some companies may have had other methods of communication, like fax machines, but those are less common in modern times when clients communicate with a company.

Thanks to modern technology, we still have the opportunity to write letters and make phone calls, but we can also contact companies by phone. Thanks to the high-speed devices people carry in our pockets, we can make phone calls, video chat, send text messages, email, or contact one another through social media services like Facebook or Twitter.

There are far more open communication channels available through smartphone technology advancements. These options allow companies and clients to choose the method and style of back-and-forth dialogue that works best for their needs. For larger updates that may require visual aids and detailed explanations, a video call might be best, but for a quick update on a given project, a text message may prove sufficient.

Improving Promptness

Because of all the new methods of communication between customers and companies, it’s become easier than ever to receive timely responses. Many companies still operate solely during their business hours, but clients may still be able to reach out on other channels or leave a written or recorded message. Technology makes the process speedier and more efficient for both parties.

Automated Customer Service

In many ways, automation is both a blessing and a curse. There are many instances where automated services make things fast, easy, and convenient. However, you may also have customers in a situation where they need to talk to a person, and it can be frustrating to go in a loop with pre-recorded messages.

One way that improving your tech improves client communication is through these automated messages. A pre-recorded guide can help customers connect to the right departments or the right person without needing to bounce back and forth between phone lines and hold music. Following keypad prompts or inputting an extension number can drastically cut down on the number of people that a client talks to, making it a less stressful experience for both parties.

Another common method of automated customer service is online chat help. AI programs learn how to identify keywords and analyze common issues that customers encounter before guiding them to proper sources and solutions without needing to communicate with an actual person.

Fortunately, most of these AI programs have options that allow clients to connect with a proper representative if their query requires action or a more in-depth solution that's outside of the AI's grasp. However, identifying and understanding many of these frequently asked questions (FAQs) from clients allows companies to create opportunities to give customers the answers they need in a way that's convenient, effective, and hassle-free.

Maintaining a Strong Connection

One of the biggest ways to create a strain between client and employee is with a negative connection. How often are you on hold and finally get through to someone, only for the call to drop or for the person on the other end to break in and out? It’s not a good experience, but companies should always do their part to ensure that their communication is stable and reliable.

Companies can use technology to maintain a strong cellular connection through commercial cell boosters. These devices use interior and exterior antennas to enhance and amplify nearby signals, making them less likely to drop or cut out. Companies may find it much easier to maintain a positive relationship with clients when the person on the other line isn't angry about this being the third time they've called.

Overcome Physical Limitations

One of the most important aspects of technology to improve communication includes novel and exciting accessibility options. These options are immensely helpful for those who may not be able to use most modern technology the same way as others.

We now have fantastic strides in text-to-speech technology for the visually impaired, and for those with trouble hearing, many modern video call services offer immediate closed captioning. Those who have trouble holding a phone can use keyboards that track eye movements to send messages—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The number of ways that technology works to open new channels of communication is astounding, and innovations in tech are always striving for the next big idea.

Offering Automated Feedback

Companies often see feedback on their performances. Feedback allows the company to get information on how they can improve their services, and it gives customers an opportunity to feel like someone hears their voice. A common practice for companies is sending customers an automated email after any significant interaction.

These emails generally contain a short survey allowing customers to use technology to express their feelings over how they felt about the experience or how well their service was. Many companies rely on these automated feedback surveys to gain insight and perspective into how they can create a better environment for their clients.

If you’d like to know more about how technology can help enhance your communication options, SureCall Boosters is here for you. We have a great selection of commercial cell boosters in Canada and helpful blogs to turn your cell phone into an invaluable asset in your personal and professional life. For more details, please contact us through email at

How Improving Your Tech Improves Client Communication


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