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Which Cell Boosters Are Best for EV Charging Stations?

Which Cell Boosters Are Best for EV Charging Stations?

Because electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace, commercial businesses and parking areas are making changes and accommodations to ensure these drivers have access to charging stations. Not only are these stations a beneficial source of income for businesses, but they provide convenience to electric vehicle drivers, making them a worthwhile solution for both parties. When it comes to these installations, you may wonder which cell boosters are best for EV charging stations. Let’s learn why they’re so vital in the process.

Why Boosters Matter

Before considering which booster models work best for your parking area, it’s a good idea to consider why they’re such fundamental technology. When an electric vehicle connects to a charging station, that station needs to transmit essential data.

Your station may rely on cellular data to connect to the internet to update the internal software, keep track of usage records, and create payment reports. These devices need to maintain a strong connection, especially if the charging stations are underground or in a concrete area where the cell signal is typically weaker.

Fusion 5X 2.0

When determining which cell boosters are best for EV charging stations, you won’t always find a single option that works for every situation. However, SureCall’s Fusion 5X 2.0 maintains a reliably strong signal and works especially well in urban structures.

The Fusion 5X 2.0 works with 3G, 4G, and LTE, providing steady power in concrete parkades. It is one of the top models to consider when looking for a compatible booster in high-traffic urban areas.

SureCall Fusion Professional 2.0

SureCall’s Fusion Professional 2.0 stands out as Canada's first 8-band signal booster to provide even more reliable speed and coverage. The Fusion Professional works for EV charging stations and connects to all available networks, including 5G. This booster is ideal for open urban areas, office buildings, and underground parking garages.

To learn more about the benefits of industrial cell phone boosters and how they can improve the reception at your home, office, or vehicle, SureCall Boosters is here for you. Browse through our catalog to learn more about our quality products, or reach out to a member of our staff at any time through email at


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