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How Well Do Signal Boosters Work Between Floors?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

How Well Do Signal Boosters Work Between Floors?

Cellular connection and distribution heavily rely on traveling radio waves. In order to pass information from a tower to your device and between other receivers and emitters, radio waves embark on a journey across different stretches and widths of space. Their strength and quality determine their span of reach and the distances they successfully cross. Not only do radio frequencies travel various lengths and square footage, but they also travel between floor levels.

Cellular signal boosters enhance nearby signals. They improve a signal’s strength and quality and reemit the boosted signals in various spreads and distances within your home. The stronger and improved signals provide you with better cellular connections that minimize dropped calls, slow texts, and buffering data streams. Signal boosters do a good job of improving cell signals across various distances and casts—but how well do they work between floors?

How Do Signals Cross Different Floor Levels?

How do cell phone signal boosters help between floors? Signals travel with the help of antennas. No matter the path, antennas transport and collect signals. Different antennas produce varying signal casts. The two main types of casts include directional and omnidirectional. Directional antennas provide a strong and steady signal beam in a singular, back-and-forth direction. Meanwhile, omnidirectional emits and receives signals from all directions, covering square footage over distances. An antenna with a directional cast produces a steady and strong beam that directs signals through multiple floors.

What Influences Cellular Signals Between Floors?

Signals can be deterred and weakened during their travel, hence why signal boosters are used to re-amplify signals crossing from towers. Many different factors hinder traveling signals, from other interfering signals to physical interceptors like building materials. As your signals travel between floors, they can encounter various influences that weaken frequencies like brick, dense solid wood, and thick concrete blocks.

Frequency levels also play a part in the success of your booster casting signals between floors. The higher the frequency, the stronger signals become, and the more signals make the trip. The amount of signal gain your booster emits determines the quality and strength of your cell signals across floors.

The Best Signal Booster System for Multilevel Homes

The best signal booster system for multilevel homes consists of a strong amplifier and antennas that cast signals beams across large spaces and distances. SureCall Booster offers a range of home cell boosters (for Canada), providing a booster fit for various homes and situations. Picking the right system that provides you with maximized signal amplification, cast distance, and plenty of signal connections to go around ensures each floor within your home receives strong and quality cellular network receptions.

Since signal boosters remit captured cell signals across various distances and directions, they are more than capable of sending signals between floors. How well they do their job depends on the type of system you set up. You can optimize your cell signal between floors from the amplifier to the antenna by choosing booster components that maximize distance and strength.

Cell phone signal boosters can create better communicate between the floors of your home, office, or warehouse. Shop the cell phone signal boosters at SureCall today.


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