Boosts 5G Signal Where Others Won't

2x Faster Cellular Data Speeds

Most Future Friendly Residential Booster

Up to 17,000 sq. ft. Coverage in the City

Compatible with Bands 7/71/66/5/4/12/13/25/29

Where Do You Need To Boost Your Signal?

Car, Truck, RV & Boat

Home Office & Cottage

If you're tired of dropping calls on the road, it's time for a new cell phone booster.

No matter if you live in a remote area, travel to your cabin, or just don't have a strong signal - we have boosters for you.

Office & Commercial

The phone is a lifeline of all business. No matter the size of your building, there's a commercial cell booster for you.


Works With All Canadian Cellular Carriers

No matter who your service provider is, we have a cell phone signal booster for you. Our signal boosters are designed to boost data speeds and voice connectivity on all Candian cell carrier networks.

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Bob Bush

Great product, the first one was installed at our Airbnb cabin where no signal existed at all. Instantly we had phone, text, email and internet as good as in the city. It was so good we purchased another one to upgrade our home cabin. Instantly brought in the phone and internet throughout the space better than we have ever had. We used to have to lay the cellphone right on top of our old booster and hope it worked. Excellent product.

Duane McLellan

Thank you for a great product! We were never happy with cell phone reception when at our camp so we researched the Fusion Professional and bought one. Once installed, which was very easy, and I'm no techie, there was immediate improvement!! I was able to make a call, text, and download data standing inside my camp. Previously we had to place our cell phones on the window sill over our sink, and that was hit or miss!
I power the booster using a Honda generator when we have it running, but most of the time it runs off a 300W inverter connected to a 12-volt deep cell battery, charged through a solar panel. It's only been up a few days but so far so good! Very happy.

Eric Cantin

We live in a rural area with lots of trees. At the end of our driveway, we can see the nearest cell tower and have great reception, but the signal in the house (and most importantly) in my basement office was ok for calls, but useless for data.

The first placement of the outside Yagi antenna must have been impacted by the trees (as shown in the photos). After moving it 30 or so feet from the first location (still pointing at the same tower), data throughout in the basement went from +/-1Mbps up and down, to reliably over 20Mbps down, 5Mbps up.

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