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What is AGC and How Important Is It To My Signal?

What is AGC and How Important Is It To My Signal?

After buying a booster, many people may begin wondering “what is AGC and how important is it to my signal?” Automatic Gain Control (AGC) ensures a properly working booster system. Check out this article on cellular boosters and why AGC is vital.

How Cellular Boosters Help

Various forces can impair your signal ranging from weather, location, and building materials. Cellular boosters are among the best ways to fix these problems. A poor signal frustrates many users because it means dropped calls and slow data speeds.

To prevent the frustrations, many purchase cellular signal boosters. These devices improve communication between your phone and the nearest network tower. At SureCall Canada, you can buy a cell phone signal booster for cars, your home, or commercial space to prevent dropped calls wherever you’re at.

What is AGC?

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is important to any booster because it keeps signal levels controlled. Without AGC, the strength of the signal may fluctuate due to the outside factors that impaired your previous signal. Additionally, it ensures a strong signal throughout the entire property covered by the booster, both inside and outside.

Preventing Oscillation

If you install your outdoor and indoor antennas too closely, then the system may fail to work properly due to oscillation. This can also occur when the outdoor booster pulls too strong of a signal. Luckily, ACG filters the signals and adjusts when they’re too strong.

Bonus Facts on Cellular Boosters

As you shop around for a cellular booster, consider how many users you’ll connect to it since this may mean buying one that’s stronger. Business or building owners need to accommodate to more users than homeowners.

Another crucial detail to note is that cellular signal boosters only work to improve an existent signal; boosters cannot create a signal if you’re in a dead zone. And while they can boost data, they will not and cannot boost Wi-Fi.

Shop at SureCall Canada

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is AGC and how important is it to my signal?” it’s time to buy the booster kit that aligns with your needs. SureCall Canada has cellular booster kits for all users so you can secure a strong signal whether you go on a drive through the mountains or live in a rural community.


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