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3 Myths About Cell Phone Signal Boosters Debunked

Updated: Feb 13

3 Myths About Cell Phone Signal Boosters Debunked

Most people don’t know about cellular phone signal boosters, leaving only a select few to reap its benefits. As with many technological systems, understanding signal boosters involves basic technical knowledge and a little research, which is where SureCall Boosters come in. We are here to help you learn more about cellular signal boosters, supplying you with relevant facts and more. Signal amplifiers provide you with a stronger and higher quality network connection that enhances your cellular experience, from conducting calls to streaming videos. Like a lot up-and-coming tech, numerous myths and factual mixups travel between crowds, dissuading people from the luxuries of boosted cellular networks. Here are three myths about cell phone signal boosters debunked and explained.

Myth 1: Signal Boosters Interfere With Wi-Fi Connections

Cellular and Wi-Fi signals play an ever-present part in today’s society. People have more difficult lives without one or both of them in the picture. Since both operate with transmitted radio waves, people assume that installing a signal booster will affect and interfere with their Wi-Fi connectivity. However, radio frequencies come in various forms, traveling in different spectrums. Their signals run on two different wavelengths parallel from one another. Cellular waves won't interject with Wi-Fi signals and vice versa.

Myth 2: Signal Boosters Cause Increased Radiation Exposure

Numerous forms of radiation cause spouts of concern, and for a good reason. Radioactive substances break down cells and destroy things in their wake. Frequent exposure to certain radiations negatively affects your body, leading to a range of health concerns. Radio waves are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are a form of radiation. However, the type of radio waves emitted and transmitted between signal boosters come in very weak frequencies compared to other radioactive waves. They also create non-ionizing radiation, which according to the FDA, causes no harm at all. Therefore, signal boosters do not create radiation exposure and health issues.

Myth 3: Only Businesses Are Allowed To Use a Signal Booster

Cellular signal boosters enhance multiple office spaces. They increase the signal broadcasting range, connect to numerous devices without hindering connection quality, and strengthen forms of communication within the workplace. Many assume that because signal boosters amplify larger broadcasts and stronger signal frequencies, they are only permitted for commercial use. Plus, a lot of people don't find industrial strength signals at home necessary. However, besides the industrial cell phone booster, cellular signal amplifying systems come in various forms. They are signal boosters fit for residential use and portable uses, like road trips and near-shore boating excursions. Plus, you don't need any special permit or permission to install one in Canada.

As cellular signal boosters continue to popularize and grow, more debunked myths will come to light, proving the truth and multiple benefits a booster system offers. The best way to find out the truth is to try one out for yourself and experience the changes they make in your home and work life. SureCall Boosters offers numerous cellular signal boosters to explore, fit for any space and needs.


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