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5 Essential Tech Devices and Accessories for Your Boat

5 Essential Tech Devices and Accessories for Your Boat

You should always make a checklist of the essentials before you cast off. You want to ensure that you have enough food and water and proper safety equipment like life vests and first aid kits. However, we recommend you not depart from the docks without these five essential tech devices and accessories for your boat. These devices will help ensure a much smoother and more relaxing voyage.

1. Global Positioning Software

When you make a wrong turn on the roads, you can try going back the way you came and checking the road signs for help but getting lost at sea is a much scarier situation. Fortunately, if you have a satellite GPS on your boat, you should be able to maintain your position and find your way back to shore.

2. Marine Radio

Communication is vital when you’re out on the water. Access to a very high frequency (VHF) radio allows you to contact other boats or people back on land if you need assistance. Likewise, other ships in trouble may contact you to see if you can lend a helping hand.

3. Cell Signal Booster

You may not have the best reception when you’re out on the ocean. But if you install a vehicle cell booster on your boat, you may be able to strengthen what little signal you manage to pick up. Using your cell phone out at sea may be a beneficial alternative if you need to contact someone or look up some helpful information.

4. 360-Degree Camera

A 360-degree camera can record footage from every angle simultaneously and is an essential tech device for your boat. Having documented evidence of circumstances out at sea may benefit you if something happens or you’re out to search for wildlife encounters.

5. Luci Lights

Luci lights are small, inflatable, solar-powered light fixtures that are great on ships. The lights are surprisingly bright for their size and great for hanging on your deck or over the side of your boat to provide illumination at night or if you need to find your ship at the docks.

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