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5 Tips for Surviving an RV Trip With Your Family

5 Tips for Surviving an RV Trip With Your Family

Road trips with the family can be a mixed bag, just like the trail mix you grabbed at the gas station before you got on the road. You and your family get to see new things, share conversations, and go on an adventure! Unfortunately, being stuck in a moving vehicle with the same people for hours and hours can start to take a toll. Here are five tips for surviving an RV trip with your family, so the trip goes a bit more smoothly.

1. Play a Driving Game

Playing a game to pass the time is one of the staples of any good road trip. Many travelers will play a license plate game where you look for certain letters or numbers on plates. Another common game is 20 Questions, where you think of a celebrity, and they ask you twenty “yes” or “no” questions. Whatever your game of choice happens to be, it’s a great way to pass the time and have some fun.

2. Stretch Your Legs

One of the hardest parts of surviving an RV trip with your family is that you’re all in a tight spot for hours on end. Take a moment to stretch your legs if you’re not in a hurry to reach your destination. Stop at a rest area or pull over for a roadside attraction. Even if just for a short while, getting out of the car and stretching your legs can do everyone a world of good!

3. Catch Some Z’s

Sometimes the easiest way to get away from your family for a bit is to tilt your chair back and get some sleep. Not only will this get you away from your relatives for a bit, but it may knock several hours off the drive in no time at all.

4. Get on Your Phone

Remaining connected on your cell phone is easier than ever thanks to coverage maps. You can use your phone to pull up a podcast for everyone to listen to, check the directions, message your friends, or just distract yourself for a bit.

5. Share Snacks

Snacks are the backbone of any good road trip—chips, jerky, and enough energy drinks to keep you driving until the sun rises. The next time you pull over for gas, stop by the convenience store and let everybody pick out some snacks to share on the road.

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