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Different Types of Cellular Signal Booster Cables

Different Types of Cellular Signal Booster Cables

Just like there are different cellular signal boosters for commercial, residential, and vehicle use, there are different types of cellular signal booster cables. Before buying a cable for your cellular signal booster, it’s important you understand the different types. Each impacts how your booster will perform.

What is a Cellular Booster Cable?

Every cellphone signal booster comes with a cable, and each performs differently; some are stronger than others. The length of your cable also affects the strength of the signal your booster will put out. The longer the cable, the weaker the signal because it has a further distance to travel.

If you’re looking to buy a new cable for your booster needs, don’t get one that’s too long or too short. Cables with smaller ohm numbers outperform those with high numbers. On the contrary, 75-ohm cables aren’t as thick as 50-ohm.


Often, owners of small homes purchase RG-6 cables for their cellular booster because it’s less costly and easily installed. For this reason, many cellular signal boosters come equipped with this type of cable. It ensures users can begin using their booster right away.

An RG-6 is mainly for residential use as it’s a 75-ohm with an F-connector.


Similar in use to an RG-6, the RG-11 works with a 75-ohm cell signal amplifier. However, unlike RG6 cables, these are 50 percent thicker. RG-11 provides 67% more power per 50 ft. runs.

Experts recommend this type of cable for residential or small commercial use since it’s not as strong as most commercial-grade cables. Strength is necessary as it ensures your cellular booster pulls an ideal signal for your phone.

SureCall 400

The SureCall 400 cable is ideal for large commercial or industrial use as it has less signal loss than an RG-6 or RG-11. Or, cottages/cabins in rural areas with weak outside signal.

The SureCall 400 uses an N connector and is a 50-ohm cable system due to the smaller ohm number. It pulls a stronger signal.

Understanding and evaluating different types of cellular signal booster cables allows you to purchase the ideal one for your home or commercial space. While cables with 50-ohm transmit a stronger signal, they’re also bulkier and mainly used for commercial cellphone boosters.

Shop for the perfect cable at SureCall Canada. If you have questions as you search for the best cellular signal booster home or office space, a team member could assist you.


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