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Do You Need Wi-Fi To Use a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Do You Need Wi-Fi To Use a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Many people don’t understand the difference between Wi-Fi and cellular signal. Both affect and work alongside the same devices, from cell phones to tablets, and both use radio waves to operate. Most people assume that you need Wi-Fi to use a cell phone booster and vice versa for a Wi-Fi router. However, both are completely different and do not rely on one another to function.

Difference Between Wi-Fi Connection and Cell Signal

Although both Wi-Fi and cellular signals work with radio waves, they are not on the same wavelength. Cellular signals send data through radio waves passing through your phone and cell towers. It allows you to conduct and receive texts, calls, and cellular data through specific private network plans from your carrier.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi is a more public network system that uses access points, like Wi-Fi routers, to distribute signals connected to the internet for various compatible users and devices. It allows people access to a public network archive, no matter their carrier.

In short, a cellular signal is a private and individualized network plan, while Wi-Fi is a public disturber of internet access. Both operate with different types of data and frequencies. Therefore, cellular signals and Wi-Fi signals do not overlap.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Signal Access Points

Wi-Fi can only be accessed through specific access points like a router, which only functions when plugged into a wall and directly connected to a carrier service network through cables. Cellular signals operate between cell towers and other signal receivers and transmitters, like antennas and booster systems that work with certain signal data created by network carriers.

Because Wi-Fi relies on an access point, its distribution range is limited to a specific area, hence why you only access Wi-Fi in and around the surrounding area of buildings. Cellular signals, however, travel across longer distances and can be accessed whenever in range of a cellular tower. Cellular signal boosters help strengthen and increase the quality of existing cell signal towers and reemit the amplified signals into designated areas. Wi-Fi extenders simply increase the range of Wi-Fi access, while cell phone signal boosters increase the strength and quality of cellular signals from network towers.

When To Get a Cell Phone Signal Booster

As mentioned above, cell phone signal boosters enhance cellular signals and distribute those amplified signals to a designated location using cellular booster antennas and nearby cell towers. If you are dropping calls, enduring choppy voice lines, or are struggling to connect and hold signals, then a cell signal booster is right for you. Whether you’re at home, in an office, or on the road, you can use a cell signal booster to improve your cellular experience without needing to worry about Wi-Fi as long as there’s a cell tower nearby.


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