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Dome vs. Panel Antenna for Your Cell Signal Booster

Dome vs. Panel Antenna for Your Cell Signal Booster

There are three main components to a cell signal booster. You have the outdoor antenna to pick up the signal, the amplifier to strengthen it, and the indoor antenna to redistribute the stronger signal throughout an area. The two most common styles for an indoor antenna are the dome and panel antenna, and we’re here to look at which one is best for your cell signal booster.

Panel Antenna

Panel antennas are easy to install and operate. These antennas are typically flat panels that people mount to the wall and aim at an angle to cover a wide area. Because the signal goes out in the direction that the panel is facing, they're easy to position in places where you want a more reliable signal, such as at your desk or an area of your living room where people typically sit.

Dome Antenna

Unlike panel antennas, which use directional signals, dome antennas create a 360-degree signal that goes in every direction. Dome antennas are typically mounted on the ceiling and work well in wider, more open areas. Dome antennas are typically more common in office environments with lower ceilings since it's easier to distribute the signal throughout the entire space.

Which Is the Right Choice for You?

Like most choices, when looking at dome vs. panel antennas for your cell signal booster, there is no right answer for which one is best. Each option has distinct pros and cons, and it will always depend on what you plan to use it for. Many residential areas and vehicles with boosters benefit from panel antennas, while a dome is a good option for office buildings or commercial establishments.

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