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How To Set Up a Mobile Office in Your Vehicle

How To Set Up a Mobile Office in Your Vehicle

Depending on your field of employment, there may be times when you find yourself working in your car. For many people, this creates a mental picture of trying to balance your laptop on a steering wheel or using the back seat as a makeshift table. The truth is, there are many great ways to set up a mobile office in your vehicle while keeping things comfortable, accessible, safe, and productive.

So, the next time your company sends you on a lengthy road trip or if you need to work remotely in your vehicle for a little while, SureCall Boosters is here with some tips to turn your vehicle into a proper workstation.

Use a Power Inverter

If you’re using a modern car, you may have a couple of USB ports and an adaptor to plug things directly into your vehicle, but we typically only use those to charge our phones. You may not have much luck using proper equipment like a laptop or other devices that still require a two or three-prong outlet.

Fortunately, you can invest in a power inverter to get multiple AC power outlets running through your car's battery. If working in your car is going to be a long-term situation, consider upgrading the battery in your car to something more long-lasting.

Maintain a Steady Cellular Signal

You may frequently need to call the office or clients while working in your vehicular office. One of the unfortunate problems you may run into is driving into or through an area with weak cell service, which can lead to dropped calls or complications with your phone's GPS navigation. If you're going to work from your car, it helps to ensure that you always have a strong signal, and the best way to accomplish this is to invest in a cellular signal booster.

Many cell phone boosters for your vehicle are easy to install and set up. These boosters pick up weak signals in the area and amplify them in the general area of your vehicle to help you maintain a stable, reliable connection.

Passenger Seat Desk

Despite their name, trying to work while balancing your laptop on your lap isn’t always the most comfortable experience when trying to get work done. We highly recommend investing in a standing desk to set up a mobile office in your vehicle. These desks are flat surfaces that firmly attach to the passenger side seat with a clamp and give you a wide flat surface where you can set up your laptop or other work necessities. This is typically a much more stable option and leaves your lap free of clutter.

Get Some Caffeine

Hopefully, you won't be burning the midnight oil, but falling asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle is one of the most significant dangers when driving at night. Whether you're trying to make sure you reach your destination on time or need that special pick-me-up in the morning, there are several ways to help you get that energy boost from having some caffeine in your system.

Some common options are swinging by your favorite drive-thru or a local gas station and grabbing a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Still, those expenses can add up and eventually create an unsightly pile of empty cups and cans in your mobile office. If you’re sick of the gas station java, there are coffee makers that plug right into any USB port. Being able to make hot coffee using your laptop’s power is a helpful tool when working on the road.

Avoid Eating Out

It's perfectly fine to swing through Tim Hortons for breakfast or grab a greasy burger when lunchtime rolls around, but one of the worst things you can do for your health and well-being is rely on the drive-thru when working in your car. Not only are you not eating the best food, but like with the coffee, you don't want to fill up your car with wrappers and paper bags.

You have several options for keeping better food with you on the road, whether with a mini-fridge or a cooler. We suggest preparing some meals you can make at home but don’t require heating up once you’re on the road. Food options like salads, lunch meat, fresh fruit, or chicken salad are easy to store, better for you, and help protect your wallet from those sneaky fast food prices.

Create Eating Area

Earlier, we discussed having a desk on the passenger side of your car, but there might be better places for you to eat when you pull over for lunch. To avoid getting crumbs or sauce on your laptop and all over your workstation, you can purchase a small tray that clips right onto your vehicle's steering wheel. Having a separate place to eat keeps your workstation free of any food debris and provides a welcome break when you're not driving or at your computer. Allowing yourself time to relax and eat benefits your mental health when working in a cramped environment.

Proper Coat Hangers

If you work in a more business professional environment, you should have a nice button-up shirt and suit available when you attend important events or meetings. It's easy for these nice clothes to become wrinkled or disheveled when kept in the car, so it may be a good idea to get a proper suit hanger that attaches to the back of the front seats.

Get a Printer

When working remotely, you may not always be able to find a library or print shop where you can make physical copies of important documents. Investing in a portable printer to keep in your vehicle may be a good idea. Many modern printers allow you to connect to them via Bluetooth, making it easier to print documents wirelessly.

Protect Important Documents

If you have any classified or important documents in your office, we recommend taking extra steps to protect them. Whether these are company forms or personal documents like a passport or tax information, buying a small portable safe is a good idea to keep these documents secure.

When working out of a vehicle, it’s essential to have a stable connection, and you can do that with the right cell phone signal booster for your office. To learn more about safe, reliable service and how it can improve your workspace, SureCall Boosters has everything you need for residential and commercial service. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, contact us anytime via email at

How To Set Up a Mobile Office in Your Vehicle


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