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Tech Tools That Make Working From Home a Lot Easier

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Tech Tools That Make Working From Home a Lot Easier

There are several advantages to working from home, including an easier—or nonexistent—commute and customizing your workspace to fit your individual needs. However, many workers fail to optimize their living spaces to adequately accommodate everything they need to be at their most productive. Here are a few tech tools that make working from home a lot easier, more comfortable, and more accommodating for your daily needs at the office.

Charging Station

One of the first things people learn about working from home is how quickly the number of necessary devices and other gadgets add up; you often have a laptop and possibly multiple monitors, phones, or tablets, and that's before taking into account any personal effects.

Investing in a charging station allows you to power all your devices in a single place at once. Most stations come with multiple USB ports to charge phones, tablets, and other similar devices. Some stations even have a designated phone stand, allowing you to charge your phone in a standing position to maintain accessibility if any important calls or notifications come in.

Quality Headset

A high-quality headset is one of the most essential tech tools that makes working from home a lot easier. Ideally, you’ll want to find one that fits comfortably enough to be worn for hours at a time. Many headsets also come with built-in microphones, which means you’d have to keep one less gadget on your work desk.

One other thing you may want to consider when buying a headset is whether they're noise canceling. Depending on your home environment, avoiding distractions with noise-canceling headphones may be a good idea. There are many quality brands to choose from when it comes to headsets, just be sure to do some research to ensure you find the headset best suited for your needs.

Cellular Booster

Investing in any form of cellular boosting kit is not only a wise choice when working from home but perfect for when you're off the clock as well. Depending on where you live, you may have to deal with weak cellular signals. Weaker signals can result in dropped calls, slow internet, and noticeable lag during video conference calls or work meetings. In addition to making the aforementioned issues better, improved signals also enable your phone battery to hold a charge for a more extended period of time.

An essential part of working remotely is having access to high-quality cell phone boosters for your house, such as those offered by SureCall Boosters. Solid and reliable signals that won't give out during your workday are among the most vital part of working from a remote location.

The best part about investing in a cellular booster is seeing how much the strengthened signal improves your internet, cell phone, or streaming quality once you’re done with work and ready to relax for the rest of the evening.

Communication Software

Aside from sending and receiving office emails, you will occasionally need to get in touch with someone from the office or other remote workers in another manner. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with beneficial communication software. More often than not, your company will have a preferred software for getting in touch with other employees, such as Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace.

If your company prefers to remain in contact through email, it may be a good idea to communicate the benefits of utilizing one of these programs with some of your coworkers or a team leader. Everyone may find it easier to maintain regular and efficient communication with one another through a designated program.

Video Meeting Software

Like communication software, video meeting software is also a vital tech tool when working remotely; programs like Zoom, Livestorm, and RingCentral are suitable for hosting quick video conferences. Typically, these programs come with screen sharing capabilities and are ideal for hosting large groups of remote workers for company updates, policy changes, and other vital information.

Companies that anticipate hosting regular meetings work with specific programs for these video conferences. Still, it's generally a good idea to learn how each program works and how to run them smoothly and efficiently from your remote workstation.

Laptop Stand

Sometimes the most exciting tools for a remote workstation are the ones that don't seem technologically impressive but offer improvements you may not have even thought about. With that, every worker should consider getting a laptop stand for their desk.

Instead of keeping your laptop flat on your desk, you can utilize a laptop stand that provides several practical benefits. Raising the screen to eye level is better for your posture and puts less strain on your neck; the ergonomic positioning of the keyboard is good for your fingers and reduces the risk of carpal tunnel. Additionally, the raised position helps prevent overheating, allowing your laptop to run more smoothly throughout the day.

Multi-Port Adaptor

Depending on your work computer, you may find it lacking USB ports that allow you to perform daily tasks. One cost-effective and convenient piece of tech that we recommend is a multi-port adaptor. These often plug into a single USB port and offer anywhere from three to five additional ports for any other devices you may need, such as a separate mouse, keyboard, headset, external hard drive, flash drive, or charging cables.

Other port adaptors may include slots for HDMI cables, ethernet cables, and micro-card readers. Utilizing a single USB port to gain additional slots for powering other devices or technology makes this a valuable and straightforward workplace item.

Working from home allows you to create a comfortable and productive work environment that best suits your needs, and utilizing the right tools and software is ideal for your mental health and productivity. When reliable cellular service is a primary component of your daily tasks, it’s advantageous to boost your signal with SureCall Boosters. SureCall’s products work with all service providers, locking onto and enhancing any nearby signals. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us by phone during regular business hours at 1-888-389-5799 or email us anytime at

Tech Tools That Make Working From Home a Lot Easier


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