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The Importance of Signal Boosters for Lyft and Uber Drivers

The Importance of Signal Boosters for Lyft and Uber Drivers

Ridesharing has become a serious business over the past 15 years. Where people once relied on locating bus routes and hailing taxis, we can now summon drivers to pick us up and drop us off where we need to go. There are several different rideshare apps on the market these days, with Uber and Lyft being among the most popular and well-known.

Rideshare apps allow everyday people to use their vehicles and phones to earn some extra money and provide a valuable service for those looking for a convenient way to get from point A to point B. Ridesharing is a mutually beneficial arrangement where everyone can enjoy the services.

There are many ways that drivers can give themselves an advantage in the field to help make things easier for them. If you want to try out a rideshare app, we suggest you read this piece to learn the importance of signal boosters for Lyft and Uber drivers. You may find that a signal booster can give you an edge over other drivers and make it a more worthwhile endeavor in the long run.

What Is a Signal Booster?

Cellular signal boosters are a popular device that many people install in their homes or workplaces. People sometimes call these devices repeaters or amplifiers because of how they work. Boosters locate weaker signals, amplify them, and then redistribute them to nearby phones and similar devices.

Signal boosters are handy devices that allow people to have more stable and reliable cellular service in areas where it may not be available. However, it's important to remember that boosters can only amplify a signal that is already there rather than creating a new one. No matter how good your booster is, you won't get a better connection in an area or region with no signal at all.

Of course, it helps if you're looking for a signal booster for your vehicle to engage in the ridesharing business. You and your clients will likely be in regions with some form of signal to connect to since you'll spend most of your time on open roads.

Components of a Vehicular Signal Booster

Before you consider investing in a cell phone signal booster, it helps to know the physical components of what you’re working with. Boosters feature three main parts that are easy to understand and set up in your vehicle: the external antenna, the booster, and the internal antenna.

The External Antenna

The external antenna pulls in weaker signals from the outside. The best place to install this antenna is on the roof of your car. We highly recommend cleaning that area of your roof before placing the antenna. You may need to install an adhesive metal disc to the top of your car if the magnet in your external antenna doesn't naturally stick to your vehicle's roof.

For the best results, you want to keep your external antenna away from windows or other antennas, so the placement on your roof is essential. Ensure that the external antenna is vertical for the best coverage.

The Signal Booster

Your signal booster is the main part of your device, and this is a small box that connects the two antennas. The booster amplifies the weaker signals picked up by the external antenna and prepares to redistribute them to the nearby area.

We recommend installing your booster in a place that receives proper ventilation but does not suffer any interference from the outside due to open airflow. Some of the best spots to place your booster are under the dashboard or beneath one of the seats.

The Internal Antenna

Your internal antenna distributes the amplified signal to the rest of your vehicle. The placement of this antenna is essential because you don't want it too close to the external antenna so that you can avoid oscillation. However, you also want to keep it a respectable distance away from mobile phones in your vehicle.

Many people install the internal antenna on the side of one of the passenger seats or near the central console. Having a centralized “command” station that enables everyone in your vehicle to benefit from the booster is essential when installing one for ridesharing purposes.

How Signal Boosters Benefit Drivers

When looking at the importance of signal boosters for Lyft and Uber drivers, it's paramount to understand the benefits of this device. Ridesharing is competitive, meaning you want to get the closest requests faster than other drivers.

You spend your entire shift in your vehicle and access the app through your mobile phone. A stronger and more reliable connection than other drivers on the road means you can get alerts of incoming jobs slightly faster. You can get the jobs as they come in and earn more money throughout your shift.

Having a signal booster also benefits your sense of direction since no matter where you go, your GPS will remain stable and current. Knowing where you need to go and not having to deal with laggy map software due to poor reception makes your job much less stressful throughout the day.

How Signal Boosters Benefit Passengers

Having a strong signal in your car doesn't only benefit the driver, but your passengers will appreciate it as well. Many rideshare passengers use their phones on the journey. Whether they need to text the person they're meeting that they're on the way or want to check if the grocery store near their destination is still open, they need reliable signals too.

A stable and reliable cell signal is one of those things that many people only notice when it’s not there. Ensuring passengers have a comfortable, well-connected ride means a better experience. Better customer experiences result in a higher driver score and more tips in your pocket. So, maintaining a boosted, comfortable experience for your customers is a mutually beneficial experience that’s well worth the investment of the signal booster.

To learn more about cell phone boosters for cars, let SureCall Boosters be the one to help. We have a wide range of products for cars, RVs, and other vehicles to keep you and your passengers always connected. Feel free to browse our catalog to see what we have to offer. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach out to us anytime via email at

The Importance of Signal Boosters for Lyft and Uber Drivers


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