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The Most Common Complaints About Cell Phones

The Most Common Complaints About Cell Phones

It’s hard to achieve perfection when it comes to technology. The more conveniences that our devices offer, the more of a hassle it seems to be to maintain them. Whether we’re dealing with outdated tech, connection stability issues, or battery life, there are always going to be problems getting in the way. Learn about a few of the most common complaints about cell phones on the market right now and how we might be able to mitigate these concerns.

Bad Battery Life

No matter how dedicated we are to charging our phones, it always feels like the battery drains a little too quickly. Nearly everybody keeps a phone charger next to their bed or in their car, and some even keep a spare in their living room. Portable charging banks allow us to have some backup power in case our phones die while we’re away from any sort of outlet. However, even this tool requires we have a cable with us.

Batteries start to drain faster over time, so if you have an older phone model, there may not be a whole lot that you can do about this problem. A few good solutions are to turn off any unnecessary background applications that may cause your battery to drain faster and make sure you utilize optimized charging when it’s available. Optimized charging helps prevent your phone battery from overcharging when you plug it in overnight, which can extend the lifespan by months or even years.

Slow Phone

Even with a good connection, you may still find your phone operating slower than normal. You may notice that texts take a little too long to send or that website just isn’t loading as quickly as it normally does. Your phone slowing down may be a sign of its age, but even the newest devices may occasionally run into this problem.

The typical cause of a slowed-down phone is a lack of random-access memory (RAM). More specifically, your RAM may be trying to divert its efforts toward unnecessary background information. If your phone seems slower than usual, you can try to close background apps and clear your cache data. If the problem persists, you may want to try turning your phone off and on again.

Unreliable Connections

One of the most common complaints about cell phones is that people find themselves without a good connection. We live in an age where coverage maps are plentiful, and you can find a signal to connect to so long as you have a prominent service provider. However, even with the best coverage, you may sometimes struggle to maintain a connection.

Crowded urban areas often have thousands of people trying to connect to the same signals, which can cause a massive slowdown. If you regularly experience slow or unreliable cellular service connection in your own home, you may benefit from a cell signal booster that greatly increases the quality of the signal.


There may be situations where you’re using your phone, and it suddenly feels warm to the touch. Overheating is a serious problem with any electronic device and one that you shouldn’t ignore. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult phone problems to address.

Typically, phones overheat due to some of the other problems discussed in this article, such as an old or faulty battery. Sometimes the best solution for an overheating phone is to stop using it and give it a chance to cool down. Continuing to use an overheating phone may cause the battery or touchscreen to wear out and create more problems with your device.

Many older phone models are prone to overheating since they struggle to use newer operating systems and apps. Overheating is often a side effect of people’s biggest complaint with their phones: technology advances too quickly and requires us to upgrade regularly or be left in the dust.

Full Storage

As technology improves, we get bigger storage options at more affordable prices. We live in an era with 1TB storage options on our phones, and it still seems as if we can overload them with apps, videos, and other files. If you constantly find yourself dealing with a full storage area, you may want to consider some of the following options to free up some space.

  • Using cloud storage: Cloud storage allows you to get files that you want to keep, but in a way that gets them off your phone.

  • Identifying space wasters: Both iOS and Android app stores have helpful apps that can help identify what’s filling up your phone and help you clear up some room.

  • Investing in additional storage: You may also be able to install a microSD card as a helpful source of additional storage.

Crashing Apps

This frequent complaint that people have with their phones may not stem from the phone itself but from the apps on the device. You’re trying to play a game or order lunch through a delivery app, and suddenly, your device boots you back to the home screen without warning. Apps can crash due to a compatibility problem between the app and your current operating system.

You want to make sure that your phone is operating on the current system and that your app is running the latest version as well. In some situations, the problem may not be on your side. Attempting to fix crashes is a regular part of quality assurance from the developers of the app. While it may be a common concern, it’s not always one that phone owners can do anything to fix.

Removing Features

Sometimes advancements in technology can remove features that we took for granted. For example, modern iPhones no longer have headphone jacks and instead require you to place an additional dongle in the charging port if you wish to use traditional headphones. Alternatively, you may choose to use wireless earbuds that connect through Bluetooth. Removing these classic features sometimes annoys users and forces them to purchase extraneous accessories in order to gain the same features they once had access to.

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The Most Common Complaints About Cell Phones


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