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Top Ways To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

A weak cellular signal gets frustrating, especially when you need to make an important call. Nearly everything from nature to a low battery may impair your signal’s strength. Discover the top ways to boost your cell phone signal and say goodbye to ropped calls once and for all!

Move Around

Your problem may be location-specific, as nature and various building materials impair cellular signals. Additionally, the distance between you and the network tower comes into play here.\

When the Problem’s Indoors

You may find you only have this issue when you go into the office. If this is the case, try moving closer to the window or changing the floor you’re on whenever you call. In the event this doesn’t work, you may want to try opening a window, as glass is one of the many materials that may affect your signal.

When the Problem Is Outdoors

If you live in a rural area or are surrounded by dense forest, you may also find that a weak signal is common. Unfortunately, solving this problem isn’t as easy, especially when nature weakens your phone’s signal. However, if you’re on a drive and this happens, try moving to higher ground.

Evaluate Your Phone

Sometimes, the problem isn’t your location or the network but instead your phone itself. Experts recommend you check your device for signs of damage. If you dropped your phone recently or do so frequently, there’s a good chance it’s damaged.

While a weak signal could signify damage, it could also mean your phone needs an update. Luckily, you won’t have to bring your cell phone into the shop for this fix. Simply go into your settings and check for any recent updates.

Pro Tip

Try turning off services like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to improve call quality if you’re not using them. As you do this, you should also close out any unused applications you have running in the background.

Another option is to turn airplane mode on and off since this will reconnect you to the nearest cellular tower.

Get a Signal Booster

One of the top ways to boost your cell phone signal is to buy a cellular signal booster. Not only is this foolproof, but it also helps solve the problem, regardless of whether it’s due to building materials, location, or natural obstacles. Remember that the signal booster you buy depends on your needs—a cellular booster for vehicles differs from that for small homes.

Improve your call quality today by shopping at SureCall Boosters! We’ve got you covered whether you need a phone signal booster for your home, office, or vehicle use. Make calling easy with this foolproof way to improve your signal!


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