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Vacation Prep: Top Road Trip and Travel Apps You Need

Vacation Prep: Top Road Trip and Travel Apps You Need

Planning the perfect road trip takes time and careful planning. In today’s age of technology, there’s an app for just about everything. We’ve compiled some of the top road trip and travel apps you need to download before you hit the road. It’s also a good idea to purchase one of SureCall Canada’s cellular signal boosters to keep your phone connected throughout the trip!


Just about every phone comes with an already downloaded navigation app. Whether you prefer Mapquest, Apple Maps, Google Maps, or another app, having one of them keeps your road trip safe and time-efficient. Additional apps like Waze allow you to see the latest traffic patterns that may not appear on the map.

With navigation apps, you can also select the fastest route that avoids highways and tolls depending on the types of roads you prefer driving on. Best yet, these types of apps provide you with an expected arrival time to book lodging accordingly.

Pro Tip

While many navigation apps allow you to search for nearby restaurants and lodging, it’s always a good idea to have apps like Airbnb and HotelTonight since this enables you to book last-minute reservations in a few taps.

Roadside Assistance

While we don’t like to think about the risk of vehicle failure during a road trip, it’s always possible. Luckily, roadside assistance allows you to get back to your travels and lessen the stress you may otherwise feel. Just keep in mind that most of these apps cost money or relate to your vehicle insurance provider.

Road Trippers

Roadtrippers is another one of the top road trip and travel apps you need, since it’s a commonly recommended app that helps you plan your adventure. Additionally, it allows you to decide on lodgings, excursions, restaurants, and more while communicating with your fellow travel companions.


An empty tank of gas can put the brakes on a road trip, but with apps like GasBuddy, you can locate the nearest gas station when you notice you need a refill. This is more useful if you plan to visit the countryside where gas stations may be more spread out.

Bonus Travel Information

As you hit the open road, it’s always good to have the mentioned app types, but there are additional ones you can download to enhance your trip. For example, consider downloading your preferred music app so you can enjoy your favorite songs. It’s also a good idea to download Groupon as you plan excursions and meals.

Staying Connected on the Road

Depending on where you travel, your cellular reception may become weaker during your drive; this is all the truer if you drive out to the countryside. Shop at SureCall Canada for vehicle cell phone boosters in Canada to ensure your data remains speedy. Cellular boosters enhance communication between your phone and the nearest tower by capturing, amplifying, and rebroadcasting a cellular signal. Keep your road trip safe and fun!


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