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What Is a Signal Booster and How Does It Work?

What Is a Signal Booster and How Does It Work?

Dropped calls and slow data speeds are frustrating and a common problem for everyone, from apartment dwellers to those living off the grid. However, upgraded technology like cellular signal boosters comes in handy to most everyone, and you’ll finally put an end to dropped calls. If you’re wondering, “What is a signal booster and how does it work?” keep reading this article to learn more!

What’s a Signal Booster?

Cellular signal boosters are an interesting piece of technology. They work to enhance an already existent signal by boosting the communication lines between your phone and the nearest network tower. This is important to note because while a booster enhances a signal, it’s not capable of creating one.

Many individuals buy a booster for their home, vehicle, or commercial space to amplify the cellular signal and improve data speeds. Various factors—building materials, location, and nature— can impair signal, but the booster works around this.

How Does It Work?

A signal booster enhances your call quality and data speeds by utilizing an indoor antenna, an amplifier, and an outdoor antenna. While the outdoor antenna captures the weak signal, your amplifier will strengthen it so the indoor antenna can then rebroadcast it.

While all boosters use these components to boost your signal, what you need could differ slightly. Directional and omnidirectional are the main types of outdoor antennas, and the type to buy depends on the situation. For example, omnidirectional isn’t ideal if you live in a busy area.

Factors To Consider

You also need to know what factors to consider before buying a booster. The number of users and the size of the space you want to cover both impact your purchasing decision. So, before you buy one, consider these factors:

  • The cause of poor signal: Sometimes a broken phone causes bad reception; a booster won’t fix this.

  • Where you’re located: If you’re in a dead zone, there’s no signal to amplify.

  • Application of booster: What you’d buy for a vehicle differs from a home.

If you’re buying a cellular booster for your vehicle, the size of the booster depends on the vehicle. An RV needs a more powerful signal booster than a small car. Typically, you can gather more information on a booster by looking through the product description. And reading customer reviews always helps you make the best decision.

Now that you’ve got an answer to what a signal booster is and how it works, it’s time to buy the one you need. Each booster differs in how you install it and best serves different needs. Jot down what you’re looking for and the various factors, so getting the right booster comes with ease.

At SureCall Boosters, you can buy cell phone signal boosters in Canada for all your needs; reach out to our team of experts for assistance. Put an end to dropped calls and slow data speeds once and for all!


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