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What’s Considered a Good Cell Phone Signal?

What’s Considered a Good Cell Phone Signal?

There are many quick and simple ways to check if our cell signal is strong or weak, depending on where we are. We may glance at the corner of the screen and check the bars, or we may notice that it takes a little longer than usual to send a text. We often talk about if the signal in an area is good or bad, but what’s actually considered a good cell phone signal, and what can we do to improve it?

How We Measure Cell Phone Signals

We measure cell phone signal strength in decibels (dBm). The range of cell phone signals often falls between -30 dBm and -110 dBm. The closer your signal strength is to 0, the stronger and more reliable your signal is. Typically, anything above -85 dBm is a usable signal. Remote areas may have weaker signals that are nearly impossible to connect to without additional help.

How To Check Your Signal

Figuring out what’s considered a good cell phone signal is a little more complicated than checking if you have one or three bars on your screen. If you’d like to know what decibel strength you’re working with, there are a few ways to check on modern phones.

If you can pull up your phone’s field test mode, you can look through the options and find a bar that lists your current decibel rate. However, the field test mode is more for service purposes and doesn’t provide much help or insight to the average phone user.

Enhancing Your Signal

It’s normal to have a weaker cell phone signal in remote areas, but if you notice a weaker signal in your home or office, you may want to do something about it. Many things can block a cell phone signal, from physical objects like walls and trees to interference from other signal frequencies. One surefire way to maintain a steady, more reliable signal is with a signal booster. Boosters latch onto nearby signals and help amplify them before putting out a stronger signal into the nearby area. These boosters are a great way to get a better dBm signal.

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