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What To Know About Antenna Separation for a Signal Booster

What To Know About Antenna Separation for a Signal Booster

Setting up a cell phone signal booster is a great way to enhance your reception and get a better connection. However, there’s more to a signal booster than plugging it in. Where you position the antennas is an important part of the process. Today, SureCall Boosters is here to tell you what you need to know about antenna separation for a signal booster and how you can get the most out of it.

Why Separation Matters

Have you ever held a microphone too close to a speaker and experienced that loud feedback noise? That sensation, known as oscillation, happens when two signals are too close to one another and create a feedback loop.

While you might not hear a loud screech, if your signal booster detects oscillation, it reduces its power to get out of the feedback loop. This essentially lowers or even completely turns off any beneficial effects of the device.

Proper Spacing

One of the most crucial things to know about antenna separation for a signal booster is proper antenna placement. A helpful distance is roughly seven to nine meters of vertical distance between your main device and the tower antenna.

If you can’t create that much vertical space, you can use horizontal space but may need to increase the distance a little more to reduce feedback.

Helpful Positioning

When possible, we recommend having the antennas face away from each other. Aiming the antennas in opposite directions helps cut down on oscillation. However, some boosters utilize 360-degree signals, so that’s not an option there.

If you’re unsure if your signal booster is experiencing oscillation, there’s often a red light or similar indicator on the booster that will tell you if something is interfering with your signal. If you notice this light, you may need to adjust the space between your antennas.

For more information on cell booster antennas or to find a signal booster for your home or office, SureCall Boosters has the products and helpful staff to get things started. Browse through our catalog or contact us directly at


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