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Why Is Cell Service Spotty in Some Rooms at Home?

Why Is Cell Service Spotty in Some Rooms at Home?

Have you ever been on the phone and gone from one room to another and noticed that there's suddenly more static, and it seems like your signal got a lot weaker? You may wonder why your cell service is spotty in some rooms and what options are available to you. SureCall Boosters is here to help explain some of these common issues.

Signs of a Weak Signal

There are multiple ways to tell if you’re cell signal is weaker in certain areas. You may have difficulty connecting to websites to perform simple tasks like checking your email. If you're talking on the phone, calls may cut out now and then or drop entirely. These are typical signs of a weakened cell signal, but you may be curious how this change can be so drastic from one room of your house to another.

Why Different Rooms Have Different Signal Strengths

There are many reasons why your cell service may be spotty in some rooms of your home and not others. Sometimes it's as simple as a room being further away from the cell tower leading to lower signal strength. Other common factors may include thicker insulation in the ceiling of specific rooms or outside elements like trees above a particular room that may interfere with the signal. Even the electronic devices in certain rooms of your home may cause some interference with cell signal connections. It's a good idea to consider these factors when investigating the cause of a weakened signal.

How To Improve Cell Signal in Your Home

If you can pinpoint the cause of a weakened signal in your home, you may be able to perform some minor maintenance or changes to rectify it. However, if you want a consistently strong signal throughout your home, we suggest investing in a residential cell phone booster. Signal boosters amplify nearby signals and give you a more stable, long-lasting connection in any room of your home. For more information on signal strengthening devices for your home or business, SureCall Boosters has the parts and specialists to make shopping an easy experience.


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