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Cellular Phone Providers in Canada  

There are several big Canadian cell phone carriers, and they all want to deliver a good product. SureCall wants to do the same. That’s why our products work with all major cellular phone providers in Canada. No matter who your carrier is, our cell phone boosters can pick up and amplify their signal so that you can use your phone just about anywhere.  Although it’s hard to think about a life without them, cell phones didn’t make their way to Canada until… 


The Beginning of Cell Phones in Canada 


Cell phones are in every pocket and bag in Canada, and cell phone towers dot the landscape. They are such a huge part of the cultural landscape that it’s hard to imagine life without them. We use them for just about everything today: finding information, entertainment, maps, and even using them as a flashlight. There isn’t much a cellular device can’t do. They didn’t come to Canada until 1985 when the mayors of Toronto and Montreal first used them to make a call.

The rights to the first private cellular network were awarded to an already-established Canadian company, Rogers. During the 1980s, a cellular phone was a luxury afforded by the well-off. The challenge in those days was to spread the word and let people know the technology existed. People had trouble wrapping their minds around this new invention. From those humble beginnings, several more cellular providers popped up across Canada, creating healthy competition. Prices for services and phones began to fall over the years, making them more affordable. The competition between cellular phone providers in Canada kept the price of this new service falling until it became what it is today. Finding a person without a cell phone is an oddity today.  


Canadian Cell Phone Carriers Our Products Work With 

  • Bell 

  • Telus 

  • Rogers  

  • Sasktel 

  • Wind 

  • Vidéotron  

  • Eastlink 

  • Virgin 

  • Koodo 

  • Public  

  • Fido  

  • Chatr  

  • Cityfone  

  • Tbaytel  

  • Xplore 

  • Ice  

Call us at SureCall Boosters Canada (888-389-5799) if you have questions about which product is right for you. We can even tell you the the difference between Telus, Rogers, and Bell. Just let us know how we can help.

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